Planning Commission holds public hearing

Park Estacada, LLC,
by: Barbara Adams, If approved, Hill Way will run through a portion of school district property.

The Estacada Planning Commission is holding a public hearing Thursday, July 27, at 7 p.m. at Estacada City Hall.

The commission will hear a proposal by Mike Park of Park Estacada LLC, and his engineering company, concerning the development of what is currently being called Campanella Estates, a 265 single-family residential subdivision behind Rivermill Elementary and Estacada High School.

Public testimony in support, against and neutral to the proposal will be heard.

'The reason why it's important to register your comment during the public hearing is because it qualifies you to appeal the decision,' said Estacada City Manager Randy Ealy.

The 69.45-acre development will include approximately 4.1 acres of commercial development along Eagle Creek Highway, and 20 percent open space.

Mayor Bob Austin and Public Works Director Chris Randall made a presentation during the July 12 Estacada School Board meeting. They proposed three different options for connecting a new road (referred to as Hill Way) between Eagle Creek Highway and Cemetery Road.

The proposals involve the northeastern tip of school district property.

Ealy said the street proposal would benefit the school district. 'They have a stream issue,' he said. '(The developer) could build the stream project into the road project if that point of entry is chosen.'

The three connector options are all on school district property in the same northeastern tip.

Austin and Randall also presented options for extending Broadway past the bus barn, through the subdivision and connecting to Hill Way.

Randall said the developer, Park Estacada LLC, will pay for the road construction. 'The only thing we'll be overseeing is that the subdivision meets all the city's public improvement standards,' Randall said.