This letter is in response to Mike Mattingly's letter ('President narrow minded on stem cell issue,' July 22 Outlook), where he claims that the President has 'sunk to a new low' by vetoing embryonic stem cell research.

I contend it is people like Mattingly who are in fact the selfish, narrow minded folk on this issue.

First, embryos are not the only source of stem cells; Mattingly's own adult marrow is a good source of the same, as are cord blood specimens from infants allowed to grow to term as opposed to being aborted.

The point I'm making is that it isn't necessary to destroy human life at its most vulnerable in order to harvest stem cells.

Second, name me ONE disease that is cured by stem cells.

You can't, because as yet there has been no cure for any disease that is based on stem cell research.

Yes, that may change, but Mattingly seems to assume that stem cell research already has yielded astounding fixes for all manner of malady - it simply isn't a reality based assumption. Third, he gives vent to the usual liberal whine about tax breaks for the 'rich.'

The upper half of all wage earners pays more than 96 percent of taxes - if you're going to cut taxes, logically you can only cut taxes for those who actually pay taxes.

Not coincidentally, those tax breaks have resulted in unprecedented tax receipts for our government as people have more money to spend and invest as they see fit.

Fourth, he claims that huge deficits are being generated by this administration and that our children will have to pay.

Sorry, but the huge deficits started with FDR and the Ponzi scheme known as Social Security. Until some administration can overcome public avarice over this issue, deficit spending will be the order of the day.

More than half the U.S. budget is spent on entitlements like Social Security and Medicare - surely a dedicated, caring lib like Mattingly doesn't want any cuts there.

Fifth, it may interest Mattingly to know that dedicated liberals like the estimable Michael Moore also hold stock in Halliburton - did W. take that into account prior to Iraq, too?

Last, as for there being 'a special place in hell' for Bush, I suspect Mattingly may well wind up in that same special place for being selfish enough to want embryos parted out for his convenience.

I can think of no more venal desire than that. Nice try, Mike, but your letter is just so much hateful liberal pap.


Eagle Creek

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