Thanks given for league garden tour suppporters

To the Editor:

We would like to thank the donors and participants who made our recent garden show such a success. As a result of the tour, we have greatly increased available funds for our various voters service activities.

The League of Women Voters is especially indebted to sponsor Bonnie Gilchrist of Gilchrist and Associates Marketing for her generous PR work and to the Review and Tidings for the terrific story about the Springer garden which appeared June l5.

We also thank our other sponsors, Karen Zumwalt, attorney; Judy Tobolski/Kate (Zuhlke) Myers of Coldwell Banker/Barbara Sue Seal Properties; Kim McLaughlin Designs; and Gubanc's Pub and Mike Bancs who provided delicious lunches for the gardeners and yard captains. We are grateful to Nancy Tongue and Sandy Hageman for allowing parking at their homes.

Thank you, too, to Wizer's grocery stores, the Pine Needle and the Coffee Nook for selling tickets and keeping such meticulous records.

Last, but certainly not least, we owe great thanks to our gardeners, Linda Boyd, Susan Huntzinger, Linda Lee, Chris Ling, Pam Roach and Barbara and Bob Springer. They spent all spring weeding and all day talking to admiring tour goers!

Sarah Chaplen


League of Women Voters of Clackamas County

Lake Oswego

Please allow CSA to keep going at Luscher Farm

To the Editor:

I was very dismayed to read your article in (the July 14) Lake Oswego Review in regards to the ending of the CSA at Luscher Farm.

I feel the farm is a vital part of our community and needs to continue. It provides not only a way to get the freshest produce but also a way to educate our community about the importance of supporting our local farmers.

In an age where there are so many questions about the safety of our food and where it comes from, Luscher Farm is a welcome way to purchase our veggies. The education and awareness it provides for my children is priceless. Not only do they know where their veggies come from, they are eating a healthier diet.

Please allow the CSA to continue at Luscher Farm.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Mara Addison

Lake Oswego

Alternatives are quite uninspiring

To the Editor:

It's profoundly saddening to see that the Luscher farm CSA contract is under threat. Much of current cultural thinking seems to be coming around to supporting the growth and consumption of locally produced food. One encounters so many articles and documentaries on food and restaurant industries, that touch on this subject recently! In that light this seems to be a hugely retrograde step.

It's so contradictory! The city is so proud of its Saturday Farmer's market, yet clearly not so for its farmers. To me it's a huge asset as it is, it impresses any visitors I have and makes me glad and proud to live here. Not to mention the vegetable share that I buy, which is wonderful.

Dog parks and sports facilities are such frankly lame and uninspired alternatives, it's depressing.

No thanks.

Stephen O'Connor

Lake Oswego

'Road to hell paved with good intentions'

To the Editor:

In Lake Oswego, it is not politically correct to question the sage (?) advice of a senior resident 'statesman' retired Gen. McPeak.

When the general's photo appeared on the front page of the Lake Oswego Review again, one imagines, here comes another Bush bashing harangue and the general does not disappoint.

It's difficult for this reader to determine just how Gen. McPeak is attempting to position himself in this article. It appears to be somewhere between a political mystic and lay revivalist preacher as he weaves his way through the nature of current international diplomacy. Sour grapes anyone?

Many born-again liberals like to evoke the name of former President Jimmy Carter, a very affable individual with an international and domestic political track record that can only be described as an unqualified disaster. When one views the status in the Middle East, Iran, North Korea, or national economic conditions during President Carter's administration, abject failure comes to mind. Yes, Jimmy Carter received the Nobel Peace Prize, an award these days couched in the apparent mentality of 'Old Europe.' Let us not forget that life-long terrorist, Yassar Arafat received the same award for essentially the same event, or should we say non-event.

Gen. McPeak would be more compelling if he would advance the McPeak Plan for international diplomacy instead of demonizing and second-guessing the current administration. Yes, general, President George W. Bush is your president, too. Throwing political bombs, or should we use more militaristic words like 'sabotaged-torpedoed' solves nothing.

Voters see what they want to see. Stupidity (not), like beauty, is in the eye and heart of the reader. In the final analysis, general, we're all judged by our actions, not words. Remember, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Noel R. Wolfe

Lake Oswego

Host families sought for exchange students

To the Editor:

Terra Lingua, a non-profit organization, is seeking volunteers to host English-speaking foreign exchange students from France, Germany, South Korea, Russia and Taiwan ages 15-18, who want to experience American culture for the up-coming five month semester or 10-month school year programs.

Students have their own spending money and health insurance. Anyone is invited to host, including single parents, married couples with or without children, empty nesters and retirees as long as they can provide a warm, loving home, room and board. Students can even share a room as long as they have their own bed.

Join Terra Lingua in breaking down cultural barriers and training our future world leaders.

To give a student and your family an experience of a lifetime, please visit our Web site at www.TerraLinguaUSA.org, or call 541-825-3820 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Lori Williams

Terra Lingua USA Oregon Coordinator