David Brautigam and Richard Caoile are putting on the inaugural Rockin' the Rim 3 on 3 Festival to be held Aug. 26-27
by: DAN BROOD, PARTNERS IN HOOPS – Richard Caoile (left) and David Brautigam organized the upcoming 3-on3 tournament.

TUALATIN - David Brautigam and Richard Caoile each have a vision.

The same vision.

It involves basketballs - a lot of them. It involves baskets and courts - once again, a lot of them. And certainly involves basketball players - a whole big lot of them, of all ages and skill levels.

They're about to see that vision come to life.

Brautigam and Caoile, on August 26-27, will be presenting the inaugural Tualatin Rockin' the Rim 3-on-3 Festival.

'I'm from here, and I always wanted to see something like this,' said Brautigam, a 2000 Tualatin High School graduate who was a star post player for the Timberwolf boys basketball team that reached the 2000 Class 4A state championship game. 'I want to see Tualatin grow as a basketball community.'

Brautigam sees a step in that direction with the 3-on-3 tournament, which will be held on courts set up in parking lots surrounding Tualatin Commons.

'We were originally going hold this in the parking lot at Club Sport, but there was a lack of space,' Caoile said. 'Tualatin Commons just seemed to fit. I envision looking around and seeing nothing but basketball courts.'

Caoile, who is involved in youth basketball in the local area - he's taking a team to the AAU nationals in Orlando, Fla., this summer - has traveled to, and played in various 3-on-3 tournaments throughout the northwest.

According to Brautigam, it was Caoile who had the original idea of running a similar tournament in Tualatin. It took a phone call between the friends, who have known each other for 10 years, that got the ball rolling, or, in this case, bouncing.

'He said that he's had thought about running a 3-on-3 tournament and I told him that I just started my own promotions and advertising company,' Brautigam said. 'He said `we should do this.''

That was back in October.

Brautigam, with his Be On Top Promotions company, and Caoile have been working on the project ever since.

'I think it will be a great event,' Caoile said.

'The coolest thing is that he and I both have strong basketball backgrounds,' Brautigam said.

But it takes more than that to put on a successful tournament.

With that in mind, Brautigam and Caoile planned to spend this past weekend in Salem, where the Hoopla 3-on-3 tourney has been a success. They plan on watching the operation of the tourney, in addition to passing out fliers and advertisements about the upcoming event in Tualatin.

'Right now, we want to be a spin-off of Salem,' Caoile said.

'They've been a big help,' Brautigam said. 'We're looking at them as a business model - we're even going to be using their hoops.'

They'll be using 16 hoops from Salem, to be exact.

That's right, there will be 16 courts set up the Tualatin Rockin' the Rim Festival.

There are 23 different divisions currently set up for the tournament - from Men's Open Division I to ages 9-and-under girls.

As the tourney keeps getting closer and closer, Caoile and Brautigam are working on the final details.

'I haven't been nervous about it. He's the nervous one,' Caoile said of Brautigam. 'I've put on a few tournaments before. The big thing I ask is, 'If I'm a consumer, what do I want? What is there to do? What's going on when I'm not playing?' We really want to appeal to everyone.'

'We do have a beautiful location,' Brautigam said. 'I think it's the perfect spot, with a beautiful view. And there are plenty of places to go to that are within walking distance.'

Another drawing point is prize money. There will be $1,200 awarded to the top team in the Men's Open Division I and an $800 prize to the winner of the Men's 6-feet and under division.

'We want this to be competitive,' Brautigam said. 'And we want this to keep growing.'

If this year's event reaches expectations, it will certainly seem to be off to a good start. Brautigam and Caoile are hoping to have between 200 and 250 teams for this year's tourney, which will feature music from radio station Jammin' 95.5 FM.

'We're excited,' Brautigam said with a smile.

There is an entree fee of $95 per team if registered before Aug. 18 and $105 per team after that.

For more information on the tournament, including a complete list of divisions, or to register, visit www.rock

intherim. com.

You can also get more information by calling 503-939-3368 or 503-539-9758.

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