King City budget committee approves a bare bones budget


The residents of King City will once again be served with an exceptional level of services because of the fine work completed by this year's Budget Committee.

The committee unanimously voted to adopt a $2.6 million dollar budget for fiscal year 2006-07 at its June 21 meeting. The budget, as approved, continues the trend of being fiscally conservative, while providing taxpayers with adequate services.

There is simply no fluff in the King City budget.

Credit goes to City Manager Jane Turner and her staff for writing the budget that the committee reviewed line by line. Turner has proven to be a masterful manager at writing budgets that give residents the most bang for their bucks.

One area that remains a big concern for the council is the issue of repairing roads. Funding for street maintenance and improvements dropped substantially in the new budget from $642,499 to $299,066 because there will be no grants coming from Washington County, as in previous years.

So covering road repair will continue to be the Number One problem and challenge for King City in the short and long term.

The budget looks very bright in the police services area. Although no additional monies were allocated for adding another officer and more patrol time, the budget continues to fund four patrol officers (including the two officers added last year).

Police Chief Chuck Fessler, summed up the budget best when he said, 'The department has experienced stability as well as increased productivity by aggressively addressing traffic problems and focusing on crimes such as fraud, identify theft and drugs.'

The Budget Committee's focus on public safety is exactly what King City taxpayers want and deserve. And the Committee is doing its part to make sure that police services are top priority.

By budgeting the purchase of a 'speed trailer' King City can address speeding more effectively that is an ongoing problem in King City as well as neighboring Tigard.

Also in the police budget are monies for training of staff, which is essential for continuing to improve the department's reputation and professionalism, which has been the focus of Chief Fessler, since he was hired.

Fessler is also budgeted at a staff member, rather than being hired on contract, which is also a good thing for King City,

The complete approved budget is available for review at City Hall on a daily basis.

Again the King City Budget Committee should be congratulated and applauded for their fine work balancing limited resources and providing such a high level of service.