Stumptown Stumper

by: Jim Clark, For 100 bucks, you can get your name on a brick in Portland's living room.

Every Friday in Stumptown Stumper, the Portland Tribune offers a trivia question and answer that helps you boost your Rose City IQ.

Q: How many bricks at Pioneer Courthouse Square are not yet named?

A: The keepers of Pioneer Courthouse Square really have no idea, since it's almost limitless, they say.

It would take more than 160,000 standard bricks to cover a 200-by-200-foot Portland city block, and a total of 71,234 bricks have been inscribed with the names of citizens who paid $100 for the opportunity to become members of the square.

So even if you add a few bricks for the slope and steps and subtract a few for Starbucks, MAX stops and other interruptions, fewer than half of the square's bricks are claimed.

The $100 goes to maintain and promote activities at the square. Membership includes an 18-character inscription on a brick, a 'Certificate of Brick Purchase' signed by the mayor, and a brick map to help you locate it.

The bricks are sandblasted with a stencil and installed once a year, at the end of June. The most recent inscriptions are located on the upper level of the square, by the 'Allow Me' statue.

Next week's Stumper: What Portland landmark denotes the starting point of all land surveys west of the Cascade Mountains, in both Oregon and Washington?

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