I'm outraged that a Multnomah County grand jury has declined to indict Gresham police officer Joshua Linstrom in the death of Marino Sanchez-Sanchez of Portland.

Officer Linstrom drove through a stop sign at a high rate of speed and 'T-boned' a van that Mr. Sanchez was riding in as a passenger.

Linstrom's lawyer said a news report stated that a tree branch covered the stop sign. It seems very odd to me that other drivers in the past have stopped at this intersection, obeying the sign.

It's my opinion that the police themselves intimidate most grand jurors, which are made up of ordinary civilians. Imagine for a minute sitting on a grand jury and then voting against the police. I truly believe most people fear the consequences and will always vote in their favor.

Now let's look at the number of police shootings within Oregon in the past 10 years. Has any media ever done an investigative report on the number of civilians shot by police, and then followed up the number of police officers who were found guilty of some type of homicide? From my memory no officer has ever been found guilty.

Don't you find that the least bit strange? Another individual was just shot to death on Thursday by a police officer in Springfield.

I have personally known a very law-abiding individual for over 44 years. This person recently was issued a traffic citation and was in a state of shock (as was I) when they read the notes by the issuing officer. They are completely false and a complete fabrication of the actual events and conversation that transpired during the 'infraction.'

Do you really believe that the judge who'll hear this case will be impartial when he or she hears the testimony from both parties? Regarding the police, lawyers and officers of the court, I firmly believe more than ever in the old adage, 'Birds of a feather flock together.'

Good luck to the common citizen, but I also must say that you only have to look in the mirror to see why it is this way.



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