This debate over stem cell research is not a matter of the majority of Americans wanting science to move forward, but about what will be next on the agenda, such as growing internal organs for consumption. This is mad science and should be stopped by all means. It is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde endeavor of morality. European countries have already started moving ahead without consent. We must remember Albert Einstein left Germany and had the knowledge to build the atomic bomb. What if he had not left and supported Germany in its efforts to rule the world? When science gets in the wrong hands, terrorism flourishes. Support of stem cell research could lead to many other things beside cures for ailments that run rampant around the world. President George W. Bush made a tough decision, but in the future it is likely to be overturned and science will move ahead in this area regardless of the disastrous possibilities that lie in the minds of man.

Stem cell research is a case in point in the history of mankind that could lead to enormous good and also to a worse-case scenario of new diseases created in the minds of scientists that may be unstoppable and annihilate the human race.

Mike Brink


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