Southeast Precinct holds an open house!

by: Eric Norberg, It was a hands-on open house at Southeast Precinct, and kids were invited to step up and navigate the bomb-disposal robot from its wireless terminal. It’s run by a joystick, much like playing a videogame.

The Police Officers and personnel of Southeast Precinct held an open house in the sunshine on Saturday, July 15th, for the residents of the area they serve--which includes Inner Southeast.

While free refreshments were handed out inside, in the community room, the really interesting stuff was all on display in the parking lot to the east of the facility. SERT Team tools and equipment; the Bomb Squad, and its remote-controlled robot; the K-9 patrol, the mounted patrol, and special police vehicles.

For the kids and families who stopped in, it was a fun afternoon of high tech crimefighting, and meeting the men and women who do it for them every day.