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My interview this month is with an Estacada resident…but one who I've known for many years, as a fellow member of Moreland Presbyterian Church.

Marie Hudson has lived in Estacada for the last thirteen years; her grandmother, Grace Chatterton, lived in Westmoreland from 1939 until her death in 2001. Grace was also an active member at the Westmoreland church.

In our conversation, Marie recalled: 'My parents moved from New York to Sacramento when I was two, and I grew up there. I was born in Syracuse, New York, where my father was working on his Master's degree in Education. Grace Chatterton taught for thirty years in the Portland Public Schools, so I was a third-generation teacher.'

For the last five years, Marie has been teaching kindergarten at St. Agatha's in Sellwood, commuting 23 miles each way daily. At Moreland Presbyterian, Marie taught Sunday School, directed vacation church school, and also served on the Educatgion Committee of Portland Presbytery.

But, going further back, I learned that Marie Fuson met Jeffrey Hudson in the spring of 1985, when he and his brother invited her to come along on a fishing trip. That was in Sacramento. Their relationship blossomed, and she and Jeffrey were married on December 27th, 1986, at the Carmichael Presbyterian Church just northeast of the California State Capitol.

Jeffrey was an accountant, who worked for various construction companies as a Controller. Marie recalled, 'in 1991 we moved to the Portland area. Our daughter, Mamada, recently served a our of duty in the U.S. Army in Iraq.' Unhappily, Jeffrey died in 2003.

'My favorite Moreland Memories include feeding the ducks at Westmoreland Park, and later doing the same thing with my daughter, when she was a little girl. Also, I remember roller skating and walking on the sidewalks of Westmoreland. On occasion, the dining room table at grandma's house on S.E. 20th was crammed with 23 relatives!

'In my teaching at St. Agatha's, I'm still using materials my grandmother used in her own teaching days…they all have Moreland Memories attached!'

My thanks to Marie, not only for sharing her memories, but for making the trek to drop in for the interview on the Oregon coast! But then, she seems quite used to long commutes!

Elliott K. Snedecor, a lifelong resident of Eastmoreland and Westmoreland, brings us his 'Moreland Memories' each month from his beach retirement home in Newport. Nonetheless, he can still regularly be found walking the streets of his old neighborhood, reacquainting himself with the places and friends of his youth.

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