The Lake Oswego Corporation is offering a $5,000 reward to nab vandals that damaged more than 20 boats moored at Village on the Lake Marina, the Forest Hills Easement and the Palisades Terrace docks last week.

Incidents reported between July 24 and 25 cued officials to the boat vandalism, which included slashed upholstery and boat covers, and cuts to tubes and tie down lines.

Bill Wiley, spokesman for the Lake Oswego Corporation, said the degree of the damage varied from boat to boat but included the discharge of fire extinguishers on some boats, damage to the fiberglass coating on others and theft of items such as stereos and extra keys.

'We wouldn't be surprised if it exceeds $25,000,' Wiley said.

For more on the vandalism, check out Thursday's edition of the Lake Oswego Review.

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