As a person who works close to the proposed Wal-Mart and who lives in the southwest Gresham neighborhood, I was appalled when I received by letter news that the city of Gresham planners had approved the site for 182nd Avenue and Powell Boulevard.

I have a question for the planners; Do you think the residents are soft and will just let this go by? More than 6,000 neighbors said no, we are not going to just let Wal-Mart slip in and not fight it. We are not naive enough to realize what the bottom line here is money. I am sure the whole Powell project was funded by Wal-Mart. What a disaster that has been. Let's put in sidewalks, so everyone can have fun walking to Wal-Mart!

As a concerned citizen of the community, I have advice for you, start saving the almighty Wal-Mart dollar. We are going to need it for added police officers for the increased crime rate and the multiple traffic crashes this intersection is sure to get.

But don't bank your money just yet, we are like any other city in America, Wal-Mart, we just say no!

Sherry Anderson


(Editor's note: Funding for the $14 million Powell Boulevard project - nearly $11.6 million of which pays for road improvements - comes from a combination of $5.25 million in Oregon Transportation Investment Act dollars, $6 million in developer-paid transportation impact fees and $2.6 million in city capital improvement funds for new water, stormwater and sewer pipes.)

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