On a recent walk to George Rogers Park, Sally Anne had a terrible accident. We walk to the park everyday and then loop back to get coffee on the way back home. Wednesday morning was a frightful day for me.

Kayakers were visiting the park at the boat ramp, Sally and I headed down to the ramp for a little swimming. While chatting with the kayakers one remarked, 'your dog is bleeding.'

I looked at Sally and she stood in a huge pool of blood. I couldn't at that moment determine where the blood was coming from. Her feet were bloody, we finally determined that the bleeding was coming from a rear foot. It was pouring out. The kayaker carried her to the parking lot to see if it was possible to get a ride to the vet, I held her leg tightly to slow the bleeding.

Nearing the top of the boat ramp I saw a couple just coming to the park. I yelled at them to see if they had a cell phone. I had not thought to bring one myself. The woman ran back to her car. I couldn't think what to do, but Sally needed immediate attention. I glanced over and noticed a (Lake Oswego) Parks and Rec worker watering the plants and I saw his pickup truck. I hollered over to him to ask his help in getting quickly to the vet. He went directly to his truck, Sally and I piled in the back of the truck while I held Sally's leg to slow the bleeding. The kayaker was bloody, I was streaked with blood. I told the cell phone people to call Oswego Veterinary Hospital and tell them we were on our way with an emergency. Kevin Keefe, I later learned, was the young man at Parks and Rec, who didn't think twice about getting us quickly to the vet. There was no time to waste.

With all the negative things going on in the world and my observation of people's general bad attitude, I had lost my faith in humanity. This experience was so remarkable. Each person acted out of concern, and compassion for this poor dog who had been injured. I was able to personally thank Kevin, but have no idea who the others were that so instrumental in saving this dog's life. I will forever be grateful for the kindness of strangers.

Sally wore a cast on her leg for several days until the artery healed and now is back to her puppy self.

Thank you Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation for having such caring workers.

Mary Franklin is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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