Lake Oswego is stepping up fee collection on outstanding parking tickets, rounding up payments on more than 200 delinquent tickets to boost both parking enforcement and cash flow in the municipal court.

In the past, the city has enforced parking sporadically, mainly because of lack of staffing, according to Municipal Court Supervisor Fran Blake.

That changed about a year and a half ago when the city hired a parking enforcement official. But the fee collection on parking tickets issued so far have been slow to catch up.

Beginning recently, Lake Oswego Municipal Court began collecting on unpaid parking tickets issued in the last year and a half, roughly one third of the parking tickets issued.

Lake Oswego issues an average of 169 parking tickets per month, collecting a minimum of $2,535 in fees, once those fees are paid. The fines range from $15 to $20 per offense and double after 30 days.

'Some of those have received their letter that fines have doubled. We send the letter once a month now,' Blake said.

The letters precede a 30-day grace period before the city will step up collection efforts.

'There is the possibility of having it sent to collection for nonpayment,' Blake said, if the fines continue to go unpaid.

She said Lake Oswego residents could expect more aggressive enforcement of parking fines to continue. Those with outstanding parking tickets can pay the fines at Lake Oswego Municipal Court, located at 380 A Ave.

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