After several sightings, missing Jacqueline Delfs is found wandering around the Embarcadero
by: SUBMITTED PHOTO, Jacqueline Goodwin Delfs



The case of a missing 74-year-old Lake Oswego woman has ended happily. But not without a couple of questions still needing answers.

Jacqueline Goodwin Delfs, who was reported missing late Wednesday in Lake Oswego was found "safe and sound" in Newport late Thursday afternoon. Newport Police responded to the Embarcadero as the woman was reported to be in a "somewhat confused state."

Delfs was last seen locally at 4 p.m. Wednesday in a hair salon in the Lake Grove area of Lake Oswego. She was reported missing shortly before 11 p.m. Wednesday after she failed to return to her Mountain Park home from Tangles Salon at 17777 Pilkington Road in Lake Oswego.

'Her husband is worried about her and said she has been having increasing short term memory loss,' Don Forman, a captain with the Lake Oswego Police, said Thursday morning.

On Thursday afternoon, police received two reports of her being sighted. She reportedly purchased gasoline at a Shell service station in Newport about 9:30 p.m. Wednesday and she spent Wednesday night at the Embarcadero in Newport, checking out about 12:35 p.m. Thursday.

Police say Delfs was not likely to ask for help if lost but would continue to drive until finding something familiar or running out of gas. She reportedly was not carrying a substantial amount of cash.

Delfs' disappearance, which ended on a happy note, was the second vanishing incident involving an elderly Lake Oswego resident since January. Tazuye Higashi, a 79-year-old Lake Oswego woman, was reported missing Jan. 10 after failing to return home from a day of errands. She was later discovered deceased in her van on the shores of the Willamette River near Canby, where she apparently died of drowning.

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