Cops express concern about criminals' audacity
by: Special to, Police are looking for help identifying this potential witness to a robbery at the Watering Hole II Wednesday.

At least police know the first name of a suspect in a brazen robbery at a busy tavern early Wednesday.

As one suspect removed money from the tavern's cash register early Wednesday, Aug. 2, he asked the bartender if that was all the money there was. She assured him that was it.

That's when the second suspect piped up.

'Hurry up, Robert,' he said.

A hushed silence floated over the bar, according to a police report.

As humorous as the blunder may be, police say the robbery is alarming due to the suspects' audacity.

'It was unusually busy that night, which makes it a very bold move by these guys,' said Officer Mike Dalby, a Gresham police spokesman.

Criminals usually want to be seen by as few people as possible. 'These guys didn't care,' Dalby said. 'They just came in.'

The suspects entered the Watering Hole II, 17312 N.E. Halsey St., at 12:15 a.m. with guns drawn, their faces covered by masks, bandanas and hooded sweatshirts.

One man pointed his weapon at a female employee, the pistol just inches from her face. The suspects ordered everyone - the employee and at least six customers, according to a video surveillance tape of the crime - to turn around.

Then one robber forced the bartender to open the register. The suspects fled the scene and the bartender ran out of video range, presumably to call the police. Capturing a lighter moment, the video also shows one patron turn around, sit back down at the bar and lift his drink.

The suspects are described as Caucasian men. One is skinny, about 6 feet tall and was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and a white dust mask over his face.

Suspect No. 2 is stocky, about 5-foot-8-inches tall and was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, white and black gloves, like those worn by a baseball player at bat, and a red bandana over his face

Police are also looking for a woman who came into the tavern just minutes before the robbery. Officers don't know if she is a witness or whether she was involved in the robbery.

Anyone with information about the woman or the robbery is encouraged to call the Gresham police tip line at 503-618-2719 or 1-888-989-3505.

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