Councilors says city attorney has improved

Seven months after receiving a critical review from city councilors, Gresham City Attorney Susan Bischoff got the proverbial thumbs up during her mid-year evaluation.

A subcommittee of four councilors determined that Bischoff has 'made good headway with the items identified as needing improvement on her previous performance review,' according to a city statement released after the July 24 review.

'We are gaining a better grasp of all of the things Susan works on and is responsible for,' noted Councilor Shirley Craddick, who served on the subcommittee with councilors Karylinn Echols, Jacquenette McIntire and David Widmark. 'She and her entire staff are an asset to the city.'

Bischoff, along with City Manager Erik Kvarsten and City Auditor David Dean, were given mid-year reviews on the same evening as part of a new evaluation process.

The process involves regular meetings with each of the three employees to go over improvement plans and set performance goals to be monitored by a rotating subcommittee of councilors.

During their annual reviews last December, councilors highly ranked Kvarsten while giving Bischoff a poorer rating.

Again, Kvarsten received a glowing mid-year review in which Widmark called him a 'credible regional and community leader.'

City Auditor David Dean also received rave reviews.

Dean, the city's first auditor, completed an audit on fire department overtime use and management that received the Knighton Gold Award for excellence in performance auditing by the National Association of Local Government Auditors in March.

All three positions are appointed by and report directly to the City Council, meaning councilors can hire and fire them.

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