How is one supposed to know the answer when they don't even know the question? 'Is this a tree of significance?' I can assure you that that particular item never made the very long list of questions we had when we bought our northeast Gresham house just over a year ago. In fact, had it not been for the article in the July 29 Outlook, I would still not know that such a tree existed.

According to the city of Gresham Web site,, 'The Tree Preservation Council Advisory Committee … recommends and updates the significant tree list, ( and provides public education on those issues … ' There is no mention of how often, or, and perhaps more importantly, how the public is educated.

It's mind-boggling that anyone could or would find fault with the Kowalski's proactive measures, especially after seeing the condition of one of the trees once felled. There was obvious danger to not only themselves and their children, but to anyone coming onto their property. Since the hazard has been removed, we'll never know how those outraged neighbors would have reacted had one of their own been seriously injured or worse.

I just hope that when the city of Gresham concludes its investigation, it will discover that instead of finding fault with the Kowalskis for doing what they knew to be right, the city will find a way of informing homeowners of all those questions no one ever knows to ask.

Debbie Wingate


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