Troutdale used to call itself a livable city, but we are fast losing our livability. What is happening to Sedona Part is an example of what Metro's 2040 plan could mean to other neighborhoods, too. Sedona Park is a nice area of medium density, single-family homes near 257th Avenue, north of Sturges Drive. Down the hill on 257th is a large apartment area.

Because Metro wants density, the owners of the land in between the Sedona Park homes and the apartments, which originally was part of the apartment property, are going to build 19 condominiums on about 1 acre of ground. That is bad enough. But the worst is that access to the condominiums is going to be through Sedona Park, where it was never intended to go.

I feel there is a flaw in the planning process when land is being left without access or landlocked. The condominiums' land next to Sedona Park was part of the apartments down the hill and should not have been separated without access through the apartments. Now the citizens of Sedona Park are having to take all the in-and-out traffic on streets never intended for that. Look at the factory outlets, which block access to the land behind. Of course the taxpayers are rectifying that!

Pat Smith


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