Party planned Aug. 13

Board member Karen Hardman once described the Estacada Public Library as the city's living room.

The community fixture hosts a free fifth anniversary party 1-4 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 13, in the Flora Community Room.

'I can't believe it's been five years,' said Anna Stavinoha, director of the library. 'We have so much gratitude for the people who made it possible.'

Joanne Headrick, who began volunteering with the library in 1992 and now is a staff member, said the library's former location in City Hall was 'very crowded.'

After the Wade Street library opened in 2006, staff felt able to 'spread out,' but still enjoy aspects they had loved about the City Hall location that were infused into the new space.

The new 12,600-square-foot library was more than four times the size of the old building.

'We gave input about our dream library,' Headrick said of the planning process.

Headrick was among staff members present for the 2009 creek flood that streamed more than a foot of water through the new library. Between Jan. 1 and May 16, the 3-year-old library closed its doors for repairs.

Books, furniture, computers and the first two feet of the building were damaged by floodwater.

'It was so sad,' Headrick said. 'But Bartel Construction was extremely vigilant about restoration. You would never know now what happened.'

Moving forward from the 2009 flood, library staff like to emphasize the library as being a community hub.

Its open house will feature a history project. Estacada residents can write about their lives in a guest book to be saved for future citizens. The questions include: Who are you and what is important to you in 2011? What do you like about living in Estacada? What do you most love about your library?

The library plans to save these histories in an archive for future residents.

Estacada landscape architect Stephen Shibley, who created the library's outdoor labyrinth, speaks from 2:30-3 p.m. about the ancient concept and Estacada Public Library's particular labyrinth.

Attendees will have the opportunity to enter a library trivia contest comprising 10-15 questions. Individuals or teams with the most correct answers are entered in a drawing.

Local artist Michael Davis performs throughout the event on his 7-string guitar, and free snacks and beverages are available, including a commemorative cake by local Claudia's Catering.

Library visitors can help their community by donating nonperishable food items to the Estacada Area Food Bank.

For more information about the event and the Estacada Public Library, call librarian Michele Kinnamon at 503-630-8273. The Estacada Public Library is located at 825 N.W. Wade St.

'We want to show people what we can do for them beyond an informational and entertainment purpose,' Kinnamon said.

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