I would say to Jane Pluemke (letter in the July 26 edition of The Outlook) that I realize each of us has stem cells in our own body that aid in healing.

However, most people who got beyond third grade in science know that embryonic stem cells (blastocysts) are far more capable of rebuilding and repairing the human body than older cells. Even cells from the umbilical cord and placenta are not as creative.

Miraculous things are happening outside this country where enlightened science is allowed to flourish.

The reason Pluemke has not heard of this is that her 'masters' in the White House don't want the public to know how great this is. Why, maybe people wouldn't have pay pharmaceutical companies for expensive prescriptions or pay ridiculous premiums for health insurance.

Where would the Republicans get their campaign contributions from? Finally, does Jane not realize that thousand and thousands of these unused embryonic stem cells are thrown in the garbage? Let me repeat that; most embryonic cells are thrown out as hazardous waste products. Thank you George W. Bush. Maybe next week 'W' will declare the world is flat.

George W. Bush has run up a $4 trillion deficit. This is a greater deficit than all of the previous presidents combined. You can't blame this one on Bill Clinton. He handed Bush a surplus.

Bush has robbed the Social Security trust fund to pay for the tax breaks he gave all his rich friends. Social Security is not a 'Ponzi' scheme. It is an insurance policy created in 1932 so that every American who contributed to it could have some bit of dignity in their later years. Ms. Pluemke must live in an Ivory tower. Probably 75 percent of senior citizens rely on Social Security to keep the wolf away from the door. Private pension plans are not the answer because we have seen what CEOs like Bush's buddy, Ken Lay, have done to their employee's hard earned pension plans. How would you like to invest your retirement dollar on the future of Enron and get back 2 cents or less thanks to the crooks at the helm?

Bush is robbing every social program he can to fund his rotten war in Iraq. He and Cheney don't care a bit about the thousands of Americans and others who are losing their lives over there.

There is a saying about the Republican party, They really care about you if you are not yet born or you are in a vegetative state. Yet, you're nothing to them but cannon fodder if you can serve in their holy war to protect big oil.

Finally, Ms. Pluemke makes mention that Michael Moore has stock in Halliburton. Well, that is also why he had stock in General Motors. As a stockholder, he can keep a closer eye on the crooks who run the show. They can't kick him out of the stockholder meetings when he exposes their chicanery.

George Bush makes me ashamed I was a Texan. He makes me ashamed I am an American. Mr. Conservative himself, William F. Buckley, recently said that the Bush presidency is void of any distinction whatsoever.

I am proud to be a liberal. Webster defines 'liberal' as one who is generous and bountiful, as one who is caring … as one who does not have narrow opinions.

Jane, why don't you try to find a chapter of the Swiftboat gang? They could use someone like you.

Mike Mattingly


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