Stick to facts about stem cell research


In response to Mike Mattingly's devoid-of-fact letter of Aug. 9, I realize that stem cells from embryos may be more pluripotent than those harvested from adult bone marrow. But Mr. Mattingly still can't name for me one cure generated from stem cell research. He claims that 'miraculous things are happening' in the area of stem cell research 'elsewhere.' Name one. He can't. Yes, I realize that human embryos are treated as garbage- precisely because of liberal ideologues like himself who think they're superior to those embryos because they were allowed to grow to term and be delivered. I guess 'survival of the fittest' describes liberal 'tolerance and caring' most aptly. Human life at any stage deserves more respect than that. When you part out humans at any stage (as they do prisoners in mainland China, choosing to execute them when the need for harvestable organs arises) the entire fabric of ethics and respect for human life is shredded.

As for the deficit, where in my letter did I blame Bill Clinton? Social Security is a Ponzi scheme started by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. At inception, there were roughly 16 people paying in for everyone being paid out. The effective tax rate on the average taxpayer was 8 to 10 percent. In the '60s, there were eight paying in for each one taking out; the effective tax rate was around 20 percent. Currently, there's about four paying in for each one taking out; the effective tax rate is about 40 percent. Thanks in part to 40 million 'safe and legal' infanticides masquerading as abortions since Roe v Wade, there will only be two paying in for every one taking out in the near future; the effective tax rate on my children will be 80 percent. Try to argue factually, Mr. Mattingly. You can't, because facts do not support your position.

Mr. Mattingly, you can be ashamed of being a Texan or an American if you like. Why don't you try being ashamed for your ignorance and insensitivity to human life? It would make more sense.

Jane Pluemke

Eagle Creek