Sause sentencing generates some mixed feelings

To the Editor:

I felt mixed emotions while reading the report of the sentencing of Cory Sause (Lake Oswego Review Aug. 10). Sadness for the Kibler family, who seemed to graciously forgive Ms. Sause for the extremely poor judgment she used in driving while impaired. Another emotion was disappointment in hearing that 'a person of true substance,' as her attorney called Cory Sause, couldn't muster enough substance to at least minimally address the Kibler family, and express regret for her actions.

I believe that if, God forbid, one of my girls would find themselves in a situation like Ms. Sause, I would encourage, if not require that an attempt be made for apology. In this case, it looks like a family with financial means to hire a top attorney bought a light sentence for a privileged daughter. Hopefully during her next few years at Coffee Creek she'll have an opportunity to set a course to 'make us proud,' as Mr. Houze prophesizes. At this point, she has only brought destruction. At some point in the future, for all involved, I hope she becomes capable of rebuilding.

Ed Osterman


Don't forget that North Korea and Iran factor into equation

To the Editor:

As I read Dr. Donohoe's opinions as expressed in his Citizen's View in the Aug. 10 Lake Oswego Review, I had to wonder why he didn't mention the threat of nuclear weapons that are on their launch pads in North Korea and the real threat of Iran developing nuclear weapons. If we lived in an ideal world and we could ask North Korea and Iran to discontinue their nuclear programs with the expectation of these two countries cooperating and really stopping their nuclear programs, then his opinions would be realistic. Current events tell us that is not going to happen, He only seems to deride the Bush administration for its stance regarding the rejection of the Test Ban and Nuclear non-proliferation treaties, the plans to replace outdated nuclear warheads in the U.S. arsenal and the deal to transfer nuclear technology to India.

When I see rogue states such as North Korea and Iran having no intention of ceasing further development of their nuclear programs and consider the real possibility that Al Qaeda could sneak a nuclear device into the U.S. and cause devastation of whatever city was targeted, I do not think that it is time for us to unilaterally disarm our nuclear weapons.

I believe the Iranian nuclear facilities are located in remote desert areas and it therefore doesn't seem to follow that 2.8 million people would be killed in an attack to put these facilities out of commission.

I disagree with Dr. Donohoe when he implies that it is only the U.S. that are the 'bad guys.'

I think that we are currently in a form of the 'Cold War' that we suffered through for decades when Russia was threatening us, only today our enemies are rogue states with leaders that may well be more antagonistic toward us than was Russia. Now is not the time to unilaterally destroy our nuclear capabilities.

John W. Thompson

MD retired

Lake Oswego

Attention, Forest Highlands residents

To the Editor:

A 34-lot planned development subdivision is being considered for proposal, for the property located at 12800 Goodall Road. Planning Resources, Inc. is representing the owner of this property.

Most certainly, the aesthetics of Forest Highlands will be sabotaged, and the amount of increased traffic (more than 100 cars) will become a safety hazard. We have more than enough traffic NOW! It's already a problem getting out from Knaus Road to Country Club and Boones Ferry roads. Already I have seen three dogs and two cats injured or killed. One neighbor actually moved, because she did not want this to happen to her two young kids.

Before applying to the city of Lake Oswego for the necessary permits, Kenneth Sandblast, ALCP, would like to discuss the proposal in more detail. So, this would be of dynamic interest to the neighborhood association and surrounding residents to attend. Also, it would be a good opportunity for you to ask appropriate questions.

A meeting will be held Wednesday, Aug. 23, 6 p.m. at the Oswego Heritage House, 398 Tenth St., Lake Oswego.

Hope to see you there.

Lynora Saunders

Lake Oswego

Neighbors should attend meeting on development

To the Editor:

Please help protect the beauty and livability of our Lake Oswego neighborhoods. A 34-lot development is proposed for the parcel of land located at the corner of Knaus and Goodall roads. The proposed subdivision would represent the highest density residential housing for miles around. It is absolutely not compatible with the existing character of the surrounding neighborhood.

Most residential homes in the immediate area are situated on parcels of about an acre, but this development will be composed of houses crammed five to an acre or more, radically altering the appearance and character of the neighborhood and setting the stage for further high-density developments.

This is an opportunity to let your voice be heard regarding the zoning of county lands being annexed to the city. There will be a meeting regarding this proposed development on Wednesday, Aug. 23, at 6 p.m. at Oswego Heritage House, 398 10th St.

Thank you.

Ruth Percival

Member, Forest Meadows

Neighborhood Association

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