A pair of old eye glasses, a television news broadcast and a good memory helped capture a not-so-spring chicken bank robber who walked away in late July with nearly $4,000 from an Aloha bank.

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents arrested 72-year-old Robert Howard Moore Aug. 8 after he turned himself in as a suspect in the July 24 Wells Fargo Bank's Aloha branch robbery on Southwest 182nd Avenue.

Moore, who is in the Multnomah County Jail, was sought by FBI agents in the case because he fit the description of an older gentleman who wore an out-dated style of eye glasses when he allegedly robbed the bank. He faces at least one count of bank robbery in the case.

FBI officials said that on July 24, a man fitting Moore's description walked into the Wells Fargo Bank branch and handed a teller a note that read: 'This is a robbery. Give me all $100s, $50s, $20s, not bait, tracker or dye packs.'

The teller gave the robber $3,630.14 from her cash drawer. He walked out of the bank and headed across the parking lot, where the teller lost sight of him.

According to court records, Moore became a suspect in the case after a television news broadcast two days after the robbery showed a surveillance camera photo of the robber. A probation officer in Portland who was responsible for Moore after a previous conviction told FBI agents that he recognized Moore in the TV news footage. Another man in Clackamas County who counseled Moore through a work-release program recognized Moore from his eye glasses.

Moore apparently also called his brother in California and, before hanging up, told him 'goodbye.' The brother told FBI agents that Moore only said goodbye when he was about to go on a crime spree.

When Moore found out the FBI was looking for him, he turned himself in and was in federal court Aug. 9 facing the bank robbery charge.

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