Protect our police officers


My name is Phil Bransom and I served on the 16-member task force.

Five years ago on a beautiful May 30 evening, our son, age 7, was struck and killed by a neighbor's SUV as he walked home from a friend's (house).

I was in Ohio on a business trip. My family was alone. I would not be able to get a flight out until the following morning.

The first responders were West Linn police officers. They became my surrogate family over the next few hours as my son would die on a West Linn street.

They hugged my grown daughters. They comforted my wife as she sat in the back seat of their police car watching EMTs.

They helped with traffic flow on Stafford Road during his memorial service even though this was not required of them. They visited my house over the next few days and weeks to see how we were doing.

My son's picture wearing a West Linn Fire Department hat is proudly hanging in the police station's break room.

I have spent hours walking through the current police station. It is a major disaster waiting to happen. It is a disgrace to the city of West Linn. Your homes are more adequately equipped than this building.

To discredit the multiple hours the 16-member task force invested, without motive, into your city is a shame.

There were not any agendas. We were not coerced by the city to pursue any one option or location.

I am proud of West Linn. We will never leave as the city is now part of our family's DNA.

I can't convince someone to vote for this proposal that has preconceived ideas and notions. I can guarantee you would consider voting yes if tonight, you received a phone call on your cell phone saying your child has been hit by a car and it doesn't look good.

West Linn Police are on their way.

Phil Bransom is a

West Linn resident.