Minnis stoops to low with negative campaigning


In a letter to the editor, Wednesday, April 16, Kat Finney stated that Karen Minnis' name and/or campaign were not printed on a political piece that was recently distributed in the district. The piece wrongly accused Rob Brading of being responsible for children being exposed to hard-core porn in the public library.

Before the piece was distributed, I was telephoned to participate in a survey. I was told good things about Karen Minnis and Rob Brading. Then the interviewer asked if I were told that Rob Brading was responsible for children viewing Internet porn in the Multnomah County Library, would I be more or less apt to vote for Rob Brading.

Today I read on www.oregonlive.com, a weblog by the Oregonian newspaper politics team, that a longtime Minnis consultant, Chuck Adams, designed this piece. Also, two years ago when Rob Brading ran against Karen Minnis, Adams devised a similar piece linking Brading to children and pornography.

Don't tell me the Minnis campaign is not responsible for that dirty negative campaign piece! How low can you go, Karen!