Just the Other Day
by: Carole Archer, Sharon Nesbit

1916 - 'Since Latourell and Son made the announcement that the 1917 Ford cars would be sold for $415.70 they have taken orders for fourteen to be delivered as soon as they can be had,' The Outlook reported 90 years ago.

In Gresham, Main Avenue at last had a hard-surfaced street and just to top of it off, one streetlight installed every block for five blocks. The City Council planned a 'jollification' to celebrate with a music, speeches and street dancing.'

1926 - Gertrude Ederle was the first woman to swim the English Channel 80 years ago and only the sixth swimmer to successfully cross the rugged channel.

And John Denison Jr., son of the foreman at the Multnomah County farm (now McMenamins Edgefield), captured first prize in the angel cake division of the Multnomah County Fair. He was 12 at the time.

1936 - The Troutdale correspondent wrote 70 years ago: 'We counted the cars passing on the Columbia River highway the other Sunday. The average was 20 per minute, or one every six seconds. It takes the average person about five seconds to cross if they are quick at starting. That leaves a margin of one second for safety. We plan to stay on our own side Sunday and holidays.'

1946 - A marijuana plant was found at Linnemann Junction 60 years ago. Gresham Chief of Police R.D. Bailey found the weed in a small patch being grown by a Portland man.

1956 - Wood Village wrestler Lee Allen was the area's claim to fame for the Olympics 50 years ago. Allen was to compete in freestyle Olympic wrestling in the 125 1/2 pound class. He graduated from Sandy High School in 1952.

1966 - The first Airstream trailer rally came to Gresham 40 years ago. About 600 trailers and 2,000 people from the Northwest, Canada and 20 other states were bound for the Multnomah County fairgrounds. Mayor Stafford Dowsett was to greet them and local raspberry growers were handing out free samples. The Gresham High swimming pool was opened to the visitors.

1976 - The Thread Bear opened in downtown Gresham 30 years ago. The Bergeron brothers launched the fabric store in the restored Ely building. Years later it would be The Toy Bear, which closed in Gresham last month, to be replaced by a new toy store.

1986 - A proposed scenic area in the Columbia River Gorge came closer to reality at this time 20 years ago when senators from Oregon and Washington agreed to changes breaking log jam that had blocked passage of a scenic area act. Most Corbett residents were unhappy with the idea, but decided they'd have to live with it.

1996 - Reclusive millionaire Loren Parks' back-to-basics school in Gresham was failing and Parks backed out of the private school 10 years ago. Hundreds of local firefighters from Gresham, Sandy and Corbett went to Kahneeta on the Warm Springs reservation, to help protect homes from a wildfire. And a year after 12-year-old Christian Core was struck by lightening on a Pop Warner football field, he was recovering from his injuries.

2005 - Outlook publisher Mark Garber tallied the successes of the Oregon legislature at this time last year. He counted the approval of a reasonable budget, the passage of a bill that recognized mental illness as no different than any other disease and a package addressing Oregon's met amphetamine problem as successes.

Compiled from The Outlook files.

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