Project nears completition with sixth and seventh structures

Dorn Platz and Co. is beginning work on two more buildings at The Round at Beaverton Central.

Representatives of the Glendale, Calif., developer met with city planners in July and again Wednesday to discuss plans for a six-story, 129,624-square-foot commercial building/parking structure and a five-story, 86,000-square-foot commercial building.

Both of the new buildings will be constructed on two half-acre lots north of the westside light-rail tracks near the intersection of Southwest Crescent Street and Rose Biggi Avenue.

They would be the sixth and seventh buildings in the estimated $120 million nine-building structure (including a parking garage) that will eventually have 64 condominiums, 80,000 square feet of retail space and about 450,000 square feet of office space, with 800 parking spaces in several-story garages.

Plans for the new buildings are preliminary, but Dorn Platz is anxious to get moving on the projects. The company hopes to start construction of one of the new buildings in the next couple of months. Work on another 45,000-square-foot building (known as Building E) should begin in about 30 days.

'We're going 100,000 miles an hour,' said Lisa Stroud of Dorn Platz office in Beaverton.

Stroud said the company expected to be finished with the entire Round project in about a year. There are three commercial buildings and a parking structure on the site, and the next three buildings will nearly complete the project.

Planning for The Round began in May 1997 with designs for a housing, commercial and retail center along the westside light-rail tracks. The project hit some rocky stretches, with the bankruptcy of the original developer that set the project back a couple of years.

Dorn Platz entered the picture in 2001, taking over the project and working with the city to complete the development.

Even that didn't go as smoothly as hoped, with two lawsuits and a settlement in June 2005 that led to the ambitious requirement that the project be completed by 2008.

On the drawing board are buildings F and G. Building F is a five-story structure that will house retail and commercial space. Stroud said Dorn Platz already has a tenant for about 35,000 square feet of the building. She declined to name the tenant.

The development already is home to tenants such as 24-Hour Fitness, Coldwell Banker, Qsent, Washington Mutual Bank, Wausau Insurance Co., Liberty Mutual Insurance, the Open Source Development Labs, Typhoon!, Mingo and Mio Sushi.

Building G is a six-story structure with 118,463 square feet of parking space, 11,161 square feet of retail space and 7,219 square feet of commercial space.

Dorn Platz has not yet applied for a permit or received city approval for either of the new projects.

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