Three more toss hats in the ring for Bull Mountain council

Tuesday is deadline for candidates to file and voters to register

BULL MOUNTAIN - Ken Henschel, Charles Radley and Wynne Wakkila have now tossed their names into the race for seats on a proposed Bull Mountain City Council, bringing the total number of candidates for the race to six.

Registered voters on Bull Mountain will decide Nov. 7 whether to form a new city - and a city council. If the city is approved by the majority of voters, then the five candidates with the most votes for the city council positions will be the first elected officials on Bull Mountain.

The deadline for candidates to file their candidacy is Tuesday, Aug. 29. That is also the deadline for voters to register to vote.

The proposed city's boundaries include about 1.7 square miles and roughly encompass land south of Barrows Road, north of Beef Bend Road and east of Roy Rogers Road to the city of Tigard's limits. If incorporated, the city would have about 8,000 residents.

Both Radley and Wakkila officially filed their candidacies with the Washington County Elections Office as of Wednesday along with previously announced candidate Kinton Fowler.

Henschel confirmed to The Times that he intended to file, as has Lisa Hamilton-Treick and Kevin Bauerle. Henschel, 44, is chairman of Washington County Citizen Participation Organization 4B.

Radley, 50, is a software engineer at Intel Corp. and Tigard Water District commissioner. In his filing for candidacy, Radley said he is a former employee of federal contractors serving the Department of Defense, NASA and the Department of Energy-Bonneville Power Administration. He has lived on Bull Mountain for seven years.

Wakkila, 55, is a semi-retired financial planner. In her candidacy filing, she said she has a background in government accounting, auditing and management analysis. Under the section where candidates list their prior governmental experience, she wrote 'lots.'