Annual charity tournament, auction will benefit Good Neighbor Center
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The Good Neighbor Center, a homeless shelter in Tigard, is now a three-time winner of the generosity of the Summerfield Women's Golf Club.

For the third year in a row, the golf club board chose the Good Neighbor Center as the beneficiary of its annual charity golf tournament and silent auction fundraiser.

And while the tournament is limited to Summerfield residents, everyone in the greater Tigard-area community is invited to stop by the silent auction set for Tuesday, Aug. 9, and bid on items.

"This is phenomenal for us," said Webb during a July 1 meeting with Sandy Brewer, golf club president and chairwoman of this year's tournament and auction.

"There are a lot of good causes to donate to - like supporting women fleeing domestic violence," said Brewer of the shelter, which allows families who have been on the streets to live there for six weeks while getting social and job-related services. "But this shelter is so important, especially now, helping people to get back on their feet.

"Traditionally, we have only sponsored the same charity for two years in a row, and we considered three possible charities this year. I called Sydney, and she talked about all the cuts to their financial aid."

Webb explained, "Our federal funds have been cut 60 percent, and we don't know what's coming from the state. They told us, 'Just be prepared.' We have a waitlist of 60 families.'

Brewer talked to her board, and the vote was unanimous to support the shelter again. 'We know it is such a great charity," she said.

With the Good Neighbor Center's fiscal year ending just the day before the meeting - on June 30 - Webb said that she usually budgets for $80,000 in annual donations and receives almost the full amount.

"But we only received $65,000 during this last fsical year," she said. "This year I am watching the budget like a hawk. I've cut back on things and didn't fix some things that need repairing.'

She listed some of the annual bills that must be paid - $9,000 for electricity, $8,000 for natural gas, $7,200 for garbage, and $5,000 for phone service.

And the building needs a new roof.

"I am writing grant applications for that, Webb said, adding that she calls the Summerfield event a "friendraiser" because it also helps to bring awareness of the shelter to the public.

"People don't know we're here or what we do," she explained. "People learned about the center last year because of this event. And we need help besides money.

"There is no food budget - the residents are fed through food donations. So donations of food are welcome, and cash donations go to pay for services."

In addition to the silent auction, the Summerfield golf tournament raises money through tee sponsors, and there will be a raffle for a beautiful necklace created with precious and semi-precious stones.

"Last year the raffle item brought it $300, and we're already at $200," Brewer said.

The Summerfield Women's Golf Club has donated approximately $10,000 to the Good Neighbor Center each of the last two years, amounts that astound both women.

"Two years ago, I was hoping we could raise $2,500," Brewer said.

The charity tournament has been going strong for almost 20 years, "but until just a couple of years ago, it was just what the tournament raised plus donations," Brewer said. "We added the auction, which turned out to be rewarding and profitable."

The auction, which is open to the public, will run from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Summerfield Clubhouse, 10650 S.W. Summerfield Drive.

The winners will be called, but if people want to take items then and there, they can pay the price listed on a tag, according to Brewer.

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