Some on Bull Mtn. choose annexation

I am sure that the vast majority of area residents grew tired of the Bull Mountain debate long ago. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to add my perspective to the latest chapter.

For years Tigard has heard from the Bull Mountain activists that nothing is more important than self-determination and that no government or group should take away the right of people to make their own choice regarding who they should be governed by.

Ironically, that is what is happening now, not by the city of Tigard but by the same Bull Mountain activists who do not want property owners to be able to choose to annex to Tigard.

There are several parcels being considered for annexation to Tigard. In each case the owner has requested to be annexed into Tigard. I don't know all of the individual reasons for their requests, but there is nothing tied to their request other than their desire to be governed by the city of Tigard. There may be other property owners who make the same request and, as long as they are contiguous with the Tigard city limits, their requests will be considered.

My question is, why is individual choice a good thing if a person wants to be a part of the proposed city of Bull Mountain, but a bad thing if they choose to be a part of Tigard? It does not seem like you can have it both ways if you are being honest and truly desire for people to have the right to choose their own destiny.


Tigard City Councilor

Bull Mtn. should control its destiny

I think that it is necessary for the residents of unincorporated Bull Mountain to vote 'yes' on forming a new city in the November election.

It saddens me greatly that as I drive in Tigard or on Bull Mountain, I see rampant deforestation and clear-cutting from a city that calls itself 'Tree City USA.' It was quite apparent from the nine to one annexation vote that Bull Mountain residents did not want to be annexed into the city of Tigard, yet Tigard continues to annex large parcels of land that are sold to developers.

It will not be long until Tigard surrounds our neighborhoods and 'islands' us, and then annexation will happen without a vote. We need to have a say about our future, and the only way that will happen is if we form our own city and control our own destiny.


Unincorporated Bull Mountain

Sherwood needs school bond and more

I will vote yes for the $98 million bond issue this fall. I have had kids in the Sherwood schools since 1995, and it is painfully obvious this town needs more schools, and quickly.

I would also vote yes if the amount was $99 million, because it is also painfully obvious that Sherwood needs a new sports stadium, complete with locker rooms. The seating we have now is woefully inadequate at varsity games - fully 50 percent of the hometown spectators stand on the field because there is no place to sit. In addition, the current seating is miserably uncomfortable and crowded, and the visiting teams must meet down on the field. We're going 5A, and visiting teams must meet down on the field. How embarrassing. We have a beautiful new snack bar with (gasp!) flush toilets, an enviable new turf field - heck, we even have new bleachers for visitors (hip hip hooray for that), and then we're supposed to sit on this giant pile of kindling, full of splinters, disguised as bleachers.

I understand why Dan Jamison couldn't get everything we need included in this bond measure, and I have never had a problem with the 'no frills' approach to anything that costs me money - but a new stadium is no longer a frill, any more than new classrooms and more teachers are frills.

We do need more classrooms, we do need more teachers, and we do need a decent athletic stadium. Right now.

As it is too late to change the bond amount, here's hoping the Sherwood Booster Club can now tackle the problem of new seating for the home crowd, and here's also hoping that those of you who agree with me on this are ready to put your money where your mouth is when the time comes. I know I am.



U.S. in middle of a 'dogfight' in Iraq

Most people have the good sense not to put their hands in the middle of vicious dogfight while they shout 'nice doggie.' But it appears that is exactly what has happened to the United States in Iraq.

We are caught in the middle of a brutal and deadly dogfight between Shiite and Sunni factions that are hell bent on killing each other. The tragic thing about the current state of affairs in Iraq is the United States set the stage for this dogfight three and a half years ago when we invaded Iraq under the command of a headstrong president who was also looking for a fight.

Dewey R. Hamilton


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