Lake Oswego woman cited for filing a false report

In the end, the detailed description sounded just too detailed to be true.

Lake Oswego Police said Friday afternoon that a Lake Oswego woman has been cited for filing a false police report in connection with her report of kidnapping and attempted rape earlier in the week.

Elizabeth Ann Brown, 22, Lake Oswego was cited Friday for filing the bogus report, Lake Oswego Police Capt. Mike Hammons said.

"The investigation into this matter revealed that Ms. Brown allegedly filed a report of kidnapping and attempted rape because her boyfriend had forgotten their anniversary," Hammons said. "She left the house after an argument and made her claim upon returning."

Her report on Tuesday evening triggered a search by police looking for a man who was said to have dragged her into a wooded area off Boones Ferry Road Tuesday night and tried to rape her.

At the time, Brown, who told officers she was not injured in the alleged attack, provided police with a detailed description of her assailant.

The suspect was described as a white male in his late 40s, approximately five feet, five inches tall, weighing roughly 160 pounds. Brown added that he had collar-length, straight, brown hair, a receding hairline and is balding on the top of his head.

She said the man was wearing a full, scraggly beard at the time of the attack and was dressed in a green military field jacket, dark pants and white tennis shoes. Finally, she noted he was also carrying an all-red backpack and described him as extremely dirty, with very bad body odor and green teeth.

'It's an unusually accurate description,' Hammons said at the time.

Police originally were working to get a composite drawing made with the victim, before futher investigation revealed the claims were bogus.

The incident was said to have happened on Washington Court just off Boones Ferry Road at about 9 p.m. Tuesday.

At the time, Brown told police that 'she was walking up Boones Ferry from the direction of Tualatin,' Hammons said. 'She turned west on Washington Court and said this person came up behind her and said, 'Excuse me.'

Hammons said the woman reported she had been watching a video clip on her cell phone. When she turned, she reportedly said that 'the man slapped her across the face, spun her around and then dragged her into the bushes.'

The woman told police she struggled for five to 10 minutes with her attacker before the sound of a police siren scared him away and he fled the scene on foot.

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