Beaverton School District high school students met or beat both national and state SAT averages.

On Monday, the Oregon Department of Education released SAT scores, or Scholastic Aptitude Test scores, frequently used by colleges and universities for entrance.

'Oregon's education community and the state Board of Education are involved in a top-to-bottom review of high school diploma requirements, and we must be guided by two key principles: rigor and high expectations,' said State Superintendent Susan Castillo. 'We want our high school graduates to be prepared for college and work, and that means higher level math skills, more science classes, and a laser-like focus on literacy - but it also means help and assistance for those students who are struggling to achieve.'

An addition to the SAT this year was a writing portion to the test. Although the district still is looking for some data verification related to the School of Science and Technology scores, national, state, district and school scores are listed below:

2006 National Averages: Critical Reading (CR), 503; Math, 518; Writing, 497.

2006 Oregon Averages: CR, 523; Math, 529; Writing, 503

2006 District Averages: CR, 537; Math, 557; Writing, 521

Aloha High: CR, 503; Math, 515; Writing, 480.

Arts and Communications: CR 554; Math 539; Writing, 527.

Beaverton High: CR, 536; Math, 555; Writing, 517.

Science and Technology: CR, 602; Math, 617; Writing, 524.

Southridge High: CR, 531; Math, 554; Writing, 521.

Sunset High: CR, 556; Math 566; Writing, 537.

Westview High: CR, 543; Math, 576; Writing, 532.

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