Three guns found near Hallinan Elementary on Monday were stolen from a nearby resident during a burglary to his home several months ago, according to Mike Hammons of the Lake Oswego Police Department.

Hammons confirmed that the .22 caliber rifle, pellet gun, 12-gauge shotgun and accompanied ammunition are most likely owned by a resident who lives near the school. The resident, who is currently out of town and cannot be reached, lost guns similar to those found by three Hallinan students on Monday.

Another nearby resident, Bob Lee, contacted police after noticing similarities between his neighbor's story and the found items.

The fact that they were stolen explains why they were hidden in deep brush, Hammons said.

"Guns raise eyebrows," he said. "People don't want a lot to do with them. They know they're bad news."

And if they're stolen, "you can't necessarily take them home," he added.

Police are in the process of contacting the guns' owner and confirming they are indeed his.

"They will be examined for forensic evidence and returned," Hammons said.

The investigation into who stole and hid the guns is ongoing.

Anyone with additional information should call LOPD at 503-635-0250.

More details to come in the September 7 edition of The Lake Oswego Review.

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