I wrote a few years ago about a little restaurant in downtown Lake Oswego, Logan's Backyard Barbeque, located on B Avenue, across from the Lake Oswego Post Office. It was a favorite spot for us to pop in for a delicious 'home cooked' barbecue dinner, and we introduced it to many friends!

Since it was a small dining experience, my husband Gary and I, had fun conversations with those we rubbed elbows with, often in front of a warm, crackling fire in the intimate dining room! Then, all of a sudden, our favorite little spot closed! We were devastated.

Well, we are thrilled to say, Matt Ramey is up and running again, and now, he's in our neck of the woods. Yay! His new establishment is called Pine Shed Ribs and Barbeque, and if the title doesn't get your taste buds working, take a drive to Lake Grove, and either sit down at a picnic table and eat the best of the best, or, Matt will fix it for you to take out.

You will find him on the corner of Lakeview Boulevard and Pilkington Road in the Rosewood Shopping Center. Matt, and his partner, Jennifer Peterson have done a fantastic job of making the corner location a casual, relaxing dining experience in a lovely landscaped yard that is guaranteed to bring you back again and again! And you don't have to get dressed up!! We are told the next addition will be indoor dining, but for now, it's like a picnic in your backyard, only you don't have to clean up the mess!

This last visit, we left room for dessert, and it was a memorable experience! They have 'fresh baked on site' desserts daily, which are mighty tasty, and popular!

I will say no more about this wonderful little place. Go see and taste for yourself. Even the menu will get your mouth watering.

You will find Matt Ramey, owner/chef and free dinner entertainer (if he's not swamped), and Jen at the following location: 17730 Pilkington Road, Lake Grove.

We Lake Oswego residents need to support the small businesses here in our beautiful community!

Sarah McDonald is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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