by: Eric Norberg, Visitors to the new Moreland Farmer’s Market were asked, on the second Wednesday afternoon of August, to tell a bit about where they live and why they came.

On August 9th, halfway through its maiden season, the new nonprofit 'Moreland Farmers' Market' conducted a 'Rapid Market Assessment' of the visitors it has been drawing. The market has been occurring on Wednesday afternoons, 3:30-7:30 pm, on the Westmoreland parking lot at the corner of S.E. Glenwood and Milwaukie Avenue. The market takes over that lot with the cooperation and support of the local merchants who own it. The last market of the season will be on September 27th.

The study took the form of a 'Dot Survey'. Four closed-ended questions were positioned on four individual easels; shoppers were handed four self-adhesive round colored stickers ('dots'), and asked to place their dots in the appropriate answer columns on each chart.

Later, Laura Wendel, the Manager of the fledgling local produce and goods market, shared the results with THE BEE, and they are below.

Since the local merchants, including QFC and other food markets, have been supportive of the new Moreland Farmers' Market--on the theory that people arriving to buy something there may well also spend in other nearby businesses--the answers to the fourth question were of particular interest to the local business association, the Westmoreland Business Alliance.

1. What neighborhood do you live in?

Of 415 persons surveyed, 53% answered 'Sellwood/Westmoreland', 17% 'Eastmoreland/Reed', 4% 'Woodstock', 3% 'Brooklyn', and 23% 'Other'. Some of those who marked 'other' commented that they lived in such communities as Happy Valley, Glendoveer, and Lake Oswego.

2. This is the 13th Market of the Season; how many markets have you attended?

31% of respondents answered that this was their first time attending the market, suggesting that many were still just learning of it. 39% responded they'd been to market 2-5 times.

3. How much did you (will you) spend at the market today?

41% of respondents answered 0-$10; 38% responded 10-$20; 13%, 20-$30; and the rest responded from $30 on up.

4. How much did you spend at local businesses today?

39% of respondents answered 0-$10; 23% responded 10-$15; 13%, 15-$20; 8%, 20-$25; and 17% responded that they'd spent more than $25 in area businesses while there.

Incidentally, the Westmoreland Business Alliance business association is staging its second annual 'Westmoreland Watusi' afternoon and evening event at Wells Fargo Bank, across from that same parking lot, on Saturday, September 16th--making it one of the last summer events in the city of Portland this year.

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