Artist, former LO resident to design 'masterpiece'

To the Editor:

This September, (former Lake Oswego resident) Lorenzo Ghiglieri, 75-year-old world-renowned artist will reveal one of the greatest sculpted masterpieces of our national heritage, 'American Patriot.' He will produce only 777 bronze castings, 77 silver castings and one (1) solid gold casting (estimated value of more than $3.5 million).

The gold used to cast the solid gold sculpture will come from fellow Americans and gold deposits from across the United States. There will be a custom pedestal sculpted just for this piece where the president, vice president, Supreme Court judges, members of Congress and the governor of each state can sign. After all the signatures are acquired, they will be bronzed into the pedestal. This will truly be a national treasure.

The signatures for the pedestal will be obtained as the solid gold casting goes on tour. Beginning in Pennsylvania, the solid gold casting of the American Patriot will reside in each state capitol building for one week before ending up in Washington D.C. The final viewing place for Lorenzo's solid gold masterpiece of the 'American Patriot' will be determined in the future.

We welcome America's suggestions. Individuals should write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please take time out of your busy schedule to unveil this masterpiece behind the link at

Gale Roberts

Jackson, Wyo.

Hold officials accountable for the sake of education

To the Editor:

As long summer days turn into crisp fall mornings and our children board the buses for another exciting school year, it is a good time to assess the education issues which will be affected by the results of the elections this November.

Education funding for the federal budget year starting in October has been held up in Congress. Worse, there continue to be attempts to siphon off precious public funds into private school voucher schemes.

To meet the demands of the 21st Century workforce, it is crucial that the federal government maintain its commitment to funding quality education programs at all levels that reflect public priorities.

Now is the time to invest in education and training programs like Perkins Vocational Education, Pell Grants, and programs which prepare students for postsecondary education.

Higher education should be more accessible to all through an expansion of federal student aid programs, and Congress should invest in campus childcare programs which support nontraditional students.

Better funding for public schools is a priority now more than ever, as schools struggle to meet mandated accountability standards and address achievement gaps among students. Vouchers are taxpayers' dollars spent according to the policies of a private school board - not the decisions of a democratically elected school board.

The world of education should be one where students are inspired to learn and grow in a safe community. Only through adequate resources can these goals be met.

As our elected officials head back to our nation's capitol, I join with the American Association of University Women to remind them that quality public education is a priority in this country, and we'll be holding them accountable at the ballot box.

MaryJo Radosevich


Thriftway food drive makes a positive impact

To the Editor:

Miracles happen everyday! Or at least each time a food drive is scheduled at Lamb's Thriftway in Lake Oswego. The fabulous management and crew at the Thriftway at McVey and Stafford roads have outdone themselves. Our last food drive for The Tualatin School House Food Pantry gathered nearly 1,200 pounds of food. The recent drive the first two weeks of August collected a whopping 3,240 pounds of desperately needed items!

Summer is the slowest time for donations for our food pantry. For store manager Nick Goldsmith and his assistants Eldon Otta and Ryan Carnathan to say 'yes' to another drive all I had to do was ask. When thanking the managers and crew when we pick up the donations, their response is always the same: 'we're happy to do it.' Everyone gets behind the drive and tells the customers about it.

They go out of their way to get everyone involved by offering a $20 bag of groceries that the customers can purchase for $10. From the beginning they are matching the donations. And when I phoned Eldon to let him know of specific items we were low on, he replied, 'No problem, I'll order some cases especially for you.'

The staff at Lamb's Thriftway are great examples of what a community can do when they care! It was Gandhi who said, 'Be the change in the world you wish to see.'

A heartfelt thank you to Lamb's from the staff at The Tualatin School House Food Pantry. You have made a positive difference to the 300 families we serve each month.

For information on making donations or volunteering, call the food bank at 503-691-2406 or volunteer coordinator Linda Moholt at 503-869-0901.

Mari Schuman

West Linn resident and volunteer with Tualatin School House Food Bank

Vote 'yes' for annexation of Luscher Farms plot

To the Editor:

The purpose of this letter is to encourage Lake Oswego voters to vote 'yes' on the Sept. 19 mail-in ballot for the annexation of a portion of Luscher Farms into the Lake Oswego Urban Services District. A 'yes' vote will allow the city to consider the development of a multi-use athletic field at Luscher Farms and provide amenities to the dog park area, which canine-enthusiasts have long requested.

A 'yes' vote will enable the city to begin formal consideration for the construction of:

1. A multi-use artificial field for youth soccer, football and lacrosse practices and games. This field was promised in the ballot purchasing Luscher Farms nearly 15 years ago, the Luscher Farm master plan completed 10 years ago, and will be funded with the proceeds of the openspace/ artificial bond measure of over four years ago. The need for more athletic practice/game fields is well documented in Needs Assessments developed by city consultants over the past five years. This will be the first artificial field that will be owned and controlled by Lake Oswego Parks Department, a long-term city goal. Much like Westlake, the field will serve youth athletic groups on both sides of the lake, independent of the school district.

2. A significantly upgraded dog area, which would be improved with restrooms, adequate parking, loop trails, double-entry gates and dog-cleaning areas. The city has been in active discussions with dog park aficionados regarding this improvement. It should be noted that for the first time, the dog park area will have formal government sanction by the city and county, rather than its current 'squatter's rights' status.

A 'yes' vote will fulfill over a decade-long voters' mandate for the city to build an athletic field as part of the Luscher Farm complex.

A 'yes' vote will not impact the Lake Oswego community gardens in any way or the area of the CSA Farm.

This is a very important opportunity for the city of Lake Oswego. Again, I encourage you to vote 'yes' on the Sept. 19 ballot.

Steve Dodds

Lake Oswego

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