Picture this: While about two dozen people stood Friday afternoon across Southwest Fifth Street from the Beaverton City Library (near the spot where an Intel engineer was killed in early August when a car struck his bicycle) waving signs to encourage drivers to share the road with bicycles, the unthinkable happened - a car and a bicycle collide a couple blocks away.

No one is injured, but the accident draws the attention of police, who arrest the bicyclist for running into the car.

It is a sort of man-bites-dog story that had even a few experienced cyclists shaking their heads.

Here's what happened: Beaverton police arrested 20-year-old Daniel R. Koch, 1300 S.W. 10th Ave., No. 308, Portland, Friday afternoon on Southwest Hall Boulevard near Fifth Street after he reportedly rammed his brake-less bicycle into the right side of a green four-door 1994 Ford Crown Victoria driven by a retired Beaverton woman.

Koch was charged with second-degree disorderly conduct. He was held in Washington County Jail on four outstanding Multnomah County warrants for failing to appear in court on a trespassing charge. He also was charged with giving false information to police because when they arrived at the accident scene Koch told them his name was Daniel Richardson and that he lived in Beaverton.

The accident happened near the intersection where Tigard's Michael J. Wilberding was struck Aug. 1 as he rode his bicycle home from his job as an Intel engineer. The 25-year-old driver who struck the 58-year-old Wilberding was turning left from Fifth Street with the sun in his eyes and did not see the bicyclist.

Wilberding died five days later of the injuries. The driver in that case was cited for failure to yield to a rider in the bicycle lane.

Wilberding was a part-time inventor who created a 10-pound cardboard box used to ship bicycles. His family will continue to operate the Cycle-Pak company.

Loud thump

On Friday afternoon, Beaverton police officers thought they were responding to another car-versus-bicyclist accident. As they talked with the bicycle rider, the Crown Victoria's driver and witnesses, a very different picture emerged.

The collision occurred at about 4:41 p.m., nearly 40 minutes into a two-hour Share The Road demonstration along Fifth Street by area cyclists who held signs and waved at passing drivers to make their point that bikes and four-wheeled vehicles should be able to use the road together without fear of injury, or worse.

Witnesses said that Koch was riding his track bike north on Hall Boulevard in the bicycle lane along a line of cars that were traveling about 10 mph. As the traffic neared Fifth Street, a witness told police that the cyclist apparently bumped into the side of the Crown Victoria and then turned the bicycle, picked up speed and rammed into the side of the large car.

The collision damaged the bicycle and left scratches on the right passenger side of the Crown Victoria.

One of the witnesses was a League of American Bicyclists instructor from Portland. Another witness was watching the demonstration from the City Park on his way to a nearby bank.

Koch was not part of the Share The Road demonstration.

The woman driving the Crown Victoria told police she was traveling north on Hall Boulevard very slowly when she heard a thump on the right side of the car and saw the bicycle rider lying on the ground. She pulled about 10 feet up the road and stopped.

As police tried to sort things out, two bicyclists who were at the nearby demonstration offered their view of things. Both said the cyclist slammed into the car, not the other way around.

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