Ballots are due back in Tuesday for a city of Lake Oswego measure on whether the city should annex six parcels of land at Luscher Farm.

We feel this is essentially a no brainer, as the land needs to be inside the city limits in order for the city to rezone it and develop portions of the property.

Having said this, we do recognize concerns some people have for the apparent direction that Luscher Farm is heading. We sympathize with the folks who were distraught when the axe fell on the Community Supported Agriculture program, which was not renewed by the city for next year. This was an innovative project that allowed the benefits of a rural lifestyle to be enjoyed by urban residents.

Altogether, there are 13.8 acres of land included on the ballot measure. Four parcels in the strip, totaling 12 acres, already are owned by the city and are undeveloped except for a storage building. Another 1.81 acres are privately owned and included in the annexation to bring the city's boundary consistent with Metro's Urban Growth Boundary.

Most immediate plans for the property will be to pursue development for parks, including a new artificial turf field (that Lake Oswego voters approved in 2002), relocation of the existing dog park, adding bathrooms, parking, water facilities and paths.

There's no question that the turf field and dog park have captured most of the attention about the Luscher Farm use.

The Lake Oswego City Council is on the record supporting the concept of 'active recreation' for the property. Councilors also say the annexation measure won't cost residents any additional money.

There are obvious concerns for this project, the most obvious being the potential for increased traffic. Still, in order for the city to provide services that many residents obviously care about, the voters must take the next step at the ballot box.

We hope they see the same big picture as the city and vote yes for annexation.

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