Gray Gables steps into View Point Inn hole

My daughter was scheduled to be married at the View Point Inn on July 29, 2011. I paid a $4,000 deposit in anticipation of a great day. All seemed well until the day of the fire. My daughter was very sad but trusting that these people would do the right thing and help make her day the best. They even promised 'the show will still go on.' It wasn't until a few days later that she really understood it wasn't going to happen and that these people had continuously lied to her.

I was driving my daughter to do some last-minute wedding planning when it finally hit her that they really didn't care about her wedding. She burst into tears and was asking why her. At this moment it broke my heart to see my little girl in such anguish. The $4,000 lost was bad, but to see her broken in this way was almost all I could handle. If Mr. Geoff Thompson had been close this day, I'm sure broken legs would have been the least of his worries. A man who can devastate people's lives with little concern or remorse is less than human in my eyes. The debt he owes far exceeds money, and is one I hope will haunt him for years to come.

I want to say a grateful and heartfelt thank you to the Gray Gables Estate venue in Portland. They stepped into the breech and offered their venue for little or no profit. They have gone out of their way to help this be the best day of my daughter's life. The difference working with caring professionals has been amazing. I pray the owners and staff of the Gray Gables Estate will be rewarded for their efforts above and beyond the call.

Rich Versolenko


Nation needs to come together with God

We are living in a time of what seems like insurmountable turmoil in this nation. Problems such as trying to deal with a staggering $14 trillion national debt, which we are adding to at a rate of $1.6 trillion a year; national disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes that have destroyed communities, a massive heat dome over the central part of the country that is destroying crops and taking lives, huge forest fires, droughts, floods that have ravaged communities from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico; unemployment now at 9.2 percent or higher that has destroyed careers and families. A growing percentage of the population now say they see no hope for a better tomorrow and are living either on the streets or in cheap motels with their families from week to week, running out of money.

All of this is mind-boggling to the average person, and it appears that no one really has the answer of how to deal with all these complex events.

It's like in the days when the prophet Joel in the Old Testament of the Bible urged his people to 'sound the alarm' because of the national crisis they were experiencing.

On Aug. 6, 2011, a call is going out to the nation to come together to seek the Lord for the healing of the land. This national prayer rally is nonpolitical. It will be a daylong prayer and fasting event called 'The Response.' Texas Gov. Rick Perry is spearheading this event.

Trying to stop The Response from happening is the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), a self-proclaimed atheist group which has filed a lawsuit against the governor for spearheading this event.

It's time to wake up by standing up and saying, enough is enough. It's time to put God first in our lives and our nation. We are facing turbulent times with a hemorrhaging debt that will affect all of us, and it is going to take supernatural or dramatic action to turn this around. As Americans we have encountered tough problems before (the great depression and World War II) and survived, and we can do it again. Together we can do great things with God's blessings if only we have the will to make the sacrifice.

Louis H. Bowerman


Rear-ended or blindsided?

I have always understood that a rear-end accident is generally the fault of the car that has rear-ended someone. My recent collision has its own set of circumstances, but in my opinion and the many that I have interviewed, this falls into the general fault category.

On Tuesday evening, June 28, I was driving eastbound on I-84 in the center lane nearing the 238th Avenue exit when I noted a car swerving back and forth in the right-hand lane.

I prepared to merge into the right lane to take the upcoming Troutdale exit. I took care while passing the swerving vehicle and one that it appeared to be following, both were traveling at a relatively slower speed than the freeway traffic, in order to prepare for my exit. I made mental notes about both the driver and vehicle in order to call 9-1-1 once I exited the freeway.

Once safely ahead and in front of these vehicles, I looked back in my rear view mirror. I observed a cement truck that had to swerve to avoid a collision with this vehicle. I felt in danger and very concerned for any cars in the vicinity.

I took my exit and came to stop at the light. I saw a police officer parked ahead on the left shoulder. I checked my mirror again and saw both vehicles taking this same exit.

I made the choice to get in the left-hand lane when the light changed in order to notify this officer. While passing on his direct right to pull in front of him, I saw that he was looking backwards (head turned my direction) and on the phone.

The officer was already on the case, as were others who arrived shortly thereafter. I no sooner pulled up when I was hit from behind by the officer.

All of the officers were polite, and I felt secure in the knowledge that they were familiar with the procedure. Since the accident was in Troutdale (and I was hit by a Troutdale officer), a Gresham officer with years of experience working crash scenes was called to make the report.

The city has denied any fault, so my insurance company is disputing their findings.

Inaccurate facts and assumptions are written into the report. Simply stated, minus all of the before-and-after issues, measurements, statements, pictures and commentaries, the driver who hit me from behind should have looked before pulling ahead.

Glad I wasn't on foot!

Sue Hesson

Wood Village

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