Letters to the Editor Sept. 14


Keep Bull Mountain debate rational

Several letter writers in the Sept. 7 Times lampooned the city of Tigard for its annexation efforts, without offering any rational reasons why their actions deserve such lampooning.

The Tigard City Council is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. It is trying to follow the regional and county mandates that all unincorporated areas within the UGB need to be incorporated, as are all other suburban cities. These mandates were not invented by Tigard. The City Council is trying to make the decisions and take the actions that are best for its citizenry (which, by the way, we are currently not a part of). 

Most of the 41 acres in this latest spat is land that the city of Tigard already owns and several of the other owners in the area agreed to be annexed.  The fact that Bull Mountain Residents for Incorporation filed their paperwork without knowing or understanding this is not the fault of the city of Tigard.

The single/double majority confusion from the last election, which was so successfully exploited by the Friends of Bull Mountain, has attached a very negative connotation to the word 'annexation' in this area.  The mere mention of the word brings up visions of conniving and corruption. This is juvenile nonsense. Annexation is part of the normal process of bringing formerly rural areas into service districts.

The city of Tigard is not the enemy. When a campaign has to resort to calling names and making fun, it's a sign that the campaign has run out of legitimate issues. Remember, when you vote in November, please take the time to consider the issues rationally, not emotionally.


Unincorporated Bull Mtn.

Leadership needed for a westside bypass

I totally agree with crediting the far-seeing leaders who overcame resistance to establish our light rail system. That decision required courage, vision, determination to do the most good for the most people and leadership. It was somewhat of a Catch-22 situation - build it then when the cost to do so was at its lowest but before the population density demanded it, or wait and spend several times that cost when a higher density required it. I commend them for their leadership and vision. We are all better off because of their efforts.

Now, if only the same clear-headed logic, courage and leadership existed and was applied to the present situation regarding traffic paralysis on the west side by insisting on construction of a westside bypass similar to I-205. The population of the west side, from Wilsonville to Hillsboro, has boomed and far outstripped the needed freeway and major collectors to handle the increased traffic. Highway 217 remains a clogged artery in the heart of the west side unable to adequately handle traffic transiting between Highway 26, 99W, or I-5.

Far better to emulate the wisdom involved in creating our light rail system and build the bypass now instead of waiting when the cost will be considerably more. And it will come. It is just a question of time and courage. Where have the leaders gone?



Annexations by Tigard not a threat

Addiction comes in many forms. One known to all of us is the propensity to pick and choose what is relevant and what is not, as practiced by those who try to frighten people with lies, in order to have them vote for a city they don't really want.

Randy Sholes' letter to the editor (The Times, Aug. 31) echoes the scare mongering that has been the mainstay of those wanting a new city. Mr. Sholes and others who regurgitate the same lies about the danger of annexation, have limited experience, and are simply repeating what they have been told by Friends of Bull Mountain.

Annexation by Tigard has not been a threat ever since Greg Prosser replaced former City Manager Bill Monahan, and Sally Harding joined the City Council. Since then, the only annexations are the Sunrise Lane annexation and Tigard's recent annexation of their property. In both cases, the owners want annexation; nothing is being forced on anyone.

Tigard's Council '… did direct staff that they could ask residents on contiguous property if they wanted to be annexed, but we would not annex them unless that was their wish.'

Get more information at http://www.bullmountaininformation.com.


Unincorporated Bull Mtn.

Takes offense at criticism of FOBM

I take great offense to Isador Morgavi's latest 'Soapbox' piece of Aug. 24. In that piece, he refers to a source of information as 'the skirt tails of the ladies of FOBM.' I don't understand why Mr. Morgavi used language so derogatory to women to make his point.

I am very offended by his tone, his language, and his obvious disdain both for the hard-working volunteers of the Friends of Bull Mountain organization (which has both male and female directors) and for women in general. In fact, I don't understand why he wrote the piece at all, since he doesn't even reside within the boundaries of the proposed city of Bull Mountain but has apparently ordained himself as the de facto guardian of that area.

It's clear to me that Mr. Morgavi has a personal ax to grind, both against women and against the Bull Mountain community, and I for one am no longer going to waste my time reading his rambling blather.


Unincorporated Bull Mtn.