Change is in the air; are we ready?

Faith in Focus

Back-to-school sales, autumn colors in nature and football games become more pronounced and announced at this time of year, reminding us that a change of seasons is about to take place. And although this change is unavoidable, we tend to embrace this necessary move into the future and adjust our lives accordingly to receive such seasonal changes that keep us vibrantly alive.

It is interesting to note, however, that often, when it comes time to make necessary personal changes that are for our good we resist, and somehow see it as an infringement of our space.

For example, the doctor tells us that if we make certain changes in our lifestyle we will be healthier and happier, but we resist because we think we know best and keep on living the same until one day we discover that the doctor was right.

Often, by then it is too late to make any change that will reverse the results of our stubbornness and we live the rest of our days wondering what might have been if we had done differently.

Similarly, God sent his son, Jesus, to bring about a change in us, called the new birth experience. Yet, we resist, thinking we are just fine until one day God calls us to account for the changes we could have made, but didn't. Like the change in seasons, the change God brings keeps us alive spiritually.

As a Christian, I have learned that God is interested in my complete salvation, and loves me enough to point out the changes He needs to bring about in me in order for this to happen. All that remains is the choice I will or won't make. Will I adjust my life to receive the change He wants to bring about or will I continue on a path of no change and ultimately no life? What changes will you let him make in you?