by: L.E. BASKOW, Dockside Saloon & Restaurant co-owner Kathy Peterson.

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Q: What Portland restaurant unintentionally landed in the middle of the Olympics figure skating fiasco of 1994?

A: A watering hole called the Dockside Saloon and Restaurant, 2047 N.W. Front Ave., holds that infamous claim to fame. As proudly recounted on the last page of its menu, the history-defining incident happened the evening of Jan. 30, 1994, when co-owner Kathy Peterson took out the trash and noticed that several large bags in the Dumpster were not her own.

It wasn't the first time she'd seen strange garbage in the Dumpster; she usually investigates to see who left it there. 'We pay an exorbitant amount for Dumpster fees and I'm not going to pay for anyone else's,' Peterson says. 'I'm Greek and cheap, so there you go.'

But as she rifled through the bags this time, Peterson said she was shocked to find paperwork and envelopes with Tonya Harding's name, including details about Nancy Kerrigan's practice schedule in handwriting that was found to be Harding's.

Until that point, Harding had denied involvement in Kerrigan's attack. The garbage seemed to be evidence to the contrary.

Peterson says Harding and her crew didn't visit the Dockside, but probably came upon the Dumpster and figured they'd save themselves a trip to the Metro Transfer Station, which is five miles away.

Peterson reported the find to the FBI, stored the bags in her car overnight while she went to a Super Bowl party and ended up on the local news that evening because one of her friends at the party worked for KATU (2).

The next morning, the FBI retrieved the garbage and the national media started calling. Over the next few weeks, Peterson enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame as the scandal broke.

This weekend, the Dockside celebrates its 20th anniversary, and its menu still offers up the same good, old-fashioned food along with a bit of wisdom: 'Please remember this … be careful where you dump your trash, you never know who might find it.'

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