Bandit fails to make it four in a row

by: Rita Leonard for THE BEE; mug shot courtesy of MCDC

At 11:52 am on the sunny Saturday morning of July 23rd, a man entered the new Sellwood Branch of KeyBank, 8112 S.E. 13th Avenue at Tacoma Street.

A bank employee recognized him as the same man who had robbed the same branch three times earlier - on July 1st, 10th, and 18th - and she notified a security guard, and summoned police.

Officers arrived swiftly, apprehended 30-year-old Darrel Wayne Lawrence, and secured him in the back of one of the police vehicles.

A witness told THE BEE that the suspect admitted to being the bandit in the previous three robberies, and had said that he was 'doing it for his kids'.

The suspect was in the back seat of the foreground squad car, ready for transport and booking on multiple federal charges, when the picture at the upper right was taken.