It's his office, but her doorway

It happened at 4:30 a.m. one morning last week in P-town.

The head of a nonprofit, which has offices at Southwest 10th Avenue and Washington Street, decided to go downtown at 4:30 a.m. As it happens, he has insomnia, and he figured he might as well get some work done. … Anyway, there at the entrance to his office building, sound asleep, was a homeless woman - and when she woke up, she freaked out and started yelling at him. … When he tried to explain - that this was his office and he was just going to do a little work - she demanded to see his ID. Thoroughly flustered by this time, he showed it to her. 'Guess that's OK,' she said. 'You can go in.' … All's well that ends well, I guess.

* * *

Has that Sam Adams got guts or what? … When the commissioner's chief of staff, Tom Miller, saw a recent column suggesting that his boss should be the first over the side - from, gulp, as much as 16 stories up - for the aerial tram's first rescue drill, he immediately called the project managers and set it up. … Then, loyal employee that he is, of course he told Adams - who reportedly chuckled and said, 'Absolutely! When do I do it?' … No date yet for the great event - which will feature not just Commissioner Adams' death-defying descent, but three teams from the fire bureau's studly rope rescue team. … But you know it's got to happen pretty soon. The tram's supposed to be operating by December. … This just in from several retired Multnomah County sheriff's deputies, who can't figure out for the life of them why Christopher Green - the deputy who asked several women to take off their bras or unzip their pants because he was looking for a suspect with a flower tattoo - got transferred to training instead of being fired. … 'Don't they know that training is a preferred assignment?' … No mystery to Teddy Kulongoski's recent upsurge in the polls in the governor's race. He's got Sen. Ron Wyden's wily chief of staff, Josh Kardon, working for him on a lend-lease basis. … Kardon's first job: 'To cut off (independent challenger) Ben Westlund's oxygen.' Bye-bye, Westlund.

* * *

People keep asking: What in the world's going on in the case of Heather Quinter, the 30-year-old lawyer who drove her car onto the sidewalk along Northeast 28th for at least a block before going back into the street, where she struck and seriously injured two pedestrians, then continued driving for another block before crashing into a parked car? … It's been two months now since the strange incident occurred, and the only word from the DA's office is that it's 'still under investigation' - although not by the police, of course. They finished their investigation some time ago. … As is usual in these matters, Chief Deputy DA Norm Frink says he can't comment on what angle his investigators are pursuing or why it's taking so long. He will, however, hazard the prediction that 'it'll be some time' before they're finished. … Quinter, who's back at work in her office at the prestigious law firm of Preston Gates and Ellis - which the phone book says has offices in Anchorage, Alaska; Coeur d'Alene, Idaho; Hong Kong; Los Angeles; Orange County, Calif.; San Francisco; Seattle; Spokane, Wash.; and Washington, D.C. - isn't saying much either. … In fact, when she answered the phone, all she had to say before hanging up was: 'I don't want to talk to you.' Can't say I really blame her.

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