Cathy Moody of La-Z-Boy helps clients pull homes together
by: Carole Archer, Cristy Mosset, left, looks at fabric samples brought to her home by Design Consultant Cathy Moody, who works for La-Z-Boy’s Gresham store. Mosset used Moody’s complimentary design services to create a living room with soft fabrics and warm, rich tones.

A year ago Cathy Moody was a busy wife and mother of two, pursuing her artistic love of painting and showing her work at a Troutdale gallery. Today, none of that has changed, except that she is applying her talents to the world of interior decorating as a design consultant for Gresham's La-Z-Boy store.

The Reynolds High School graduate still paints, but it's not as overwhelming as it once felt. She gets to apply her knowledge of colors and textures to clients' personal living spaces, something she says is fulfilling because it is about making friends and relationships and helping people pull their homes together.

'My personal goal is that my clients have their room feel the way they want it to,' Moody says. 'I talk with them about their lifestyle, what they are going to use the room for, and we create an environment they are going to be comfortable in.'

At Cristy Mosset's Boring home, Moody helped the fishing enthusiast craft a room using soft fabrics, fun textured pillows, warm brown tones and, of course, fishing accessories.

Mosset moved to Boring 10 years ago with her husband, Ed. Together, they run a small business that keeps them busy. Working at home meant Cristy Mosset wanted an organized, put together space.

Six months ago, she was wandering through Gresham's La-Z-Boy store when she encountered Moody.

'Everything in the house had been bright yellow, and I was just sick of it,' Cristy Mosset says. 'I wanted warm colors and comfy furniture. Cathy was so great in helping me make sense of it all.'

It started with a golden brown chenille circular sectional sofa and whimsical pillows covered with small tufts of ribbon. Then came a textured paint job, a dark-stained entertainment center to camouflage Ed Mosset's 62-inch television.

Fishing-themed artwork hangs on the walls, next to pictures of Mosset and her father proudly holding up a sturgeon as big as she is.

An elegant game table sits along one wall, for her grandchildren's use. A large carved wooden Indian stands guard in one corner, one of her husband's flea market finds that has been lovingly repainted several times over the years.

A woman's wooden figure, which looks like something that might have adorned the bow of a ship, hangs front and center above the sofa.

'That's Abigail,' Cristy Mosset says. 'She used to hang in Rueben's, a restaurant I used to work at a long time ago. I bought her for $50 when they closed the place down.'

Abigail was an important design element in the room, Moody says. She makes a priority of incorporating personal objects and personality into all her designs. Part of that is about getting to know your client's passions and history.

'It was neat, because the more (Cathy) got to know my personality, the more she seemed to know exactly what I would like,' Cristy Mosset says.

La-Z-Boy's design consultant services are free if clients are buying a majority of their room's furniture from the store, although bringing in personal items also is encouraged.

'It's a pretty good deal because private interior decorators charge anywhere from $80 to $125 an hour, and we offer this service complimentary,' Moody says.

The most important part for Moody is helping people feel more at home in their homes.

'And I come home happy every day,' she says. 'That's the best part.'

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