Program to encourage recycling at work

Metro wants to help businesses understand what can be collected

Sometimes knowing what and how to recycle can seem like understanding what's best to eat: First alcohol is bad for you, now it lengthens your life. One year chocolate causes hyperactivity and acne, the next it's practically essential for a healthy heart.

In terms of recycling: First newspaper needs it own bag, now it doesn't. Are envelopes with windows a yes or a no? And should you still be removing your staples and paper clips?

At noon today, Metro Council President David Bragdon will announce the kickoff of a monthlong, recycle at work campaign, nicknamed (for some reason) 'Re.'

The 50,000 area businesses account for nearly half of the waste in this region's landfill, and Metro thinks that part of the problem is confusion about what can and can't be recycled.

It's urging companies to provide all employees with deskside recycle bins and to disseminate the information that, basically, if it came from a tree, it can go in the receptacle.

Sticky notes, window envelopes, paperback books, spiral notebooks, magazines, phone books, file folders and tissue boxes can all be recycled together and, really, seriously, you no longer need to remove staples, paper clips and tape before tossing your documents in. That's like thinking eggs will kill you.

If your business is interested in participating call the Metro hot line, 503-234-3000, or visit

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