Closer to Home: Portland-area rescue workers flex their triage muscles
by: L.E. BASKOW, Emergency workers react to a fake 'dirty bomb' explosion Tuesday morning near the Mount Tabor water reservoir in Southeast Portland as part of a large-scale training exercise called TICOFF.

With titles like TICOFF and TOPOFF, they sound more like Russian mobsters than emergency training exercises - but while they may have eccentric names, law enforcement and rescue officials take these doomsday games very seriously.

The Tactical Interoperable Communications for Top Officials (TICOFF) exercise kicked off Tuesday morning in Southeast Portland with a fake "dirty bomb" explosion near a water reservoir in Mount Tabor Park. The coordinated response brought together a number of regional emergency agencies, including the Portland Police Bureau, Clackamas County Fire District No. 1 and Port of Portland.

The exercise is a precursor to the federal Top Officials Command Post Exercise 4 (TOPOFF) scheduled to take place in Portland in May 2007.

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