Travel apart can be good for the kids

To the Editor:

Regarding Lisa Dunne's article on families vacationing together, (Sept. 14 Tidings), I would like to implore her (and others) to rethink the desire to always travel together. Did it occur to her that maybe her boys had a great time not in spite of her absence, but because she wasn't there? How would her presence have changed the dynamic? Every parent knows that when mom's around, dad isn't usually the focus. But more importantly, I think that kids need to learn how to experience life through many different viewpoints. If you are a part of every experience they have, won't that leave them with a certain amount of tunnel vision?

Enlighten them through allowing and encouraging them to occasionally go places and do things with other role models (the other parent, friends, relatives, teachers, etc.). To do otherwise suggests control issues, the selfishness of inclusion or just plain arrogance that your children can not learn from anyone but you.

Valerie Baker Ramaswamy

West Linn

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