Hallinan's play structure is showing its age

To the Editor:

As principal of Hallinan Elementary School, I wanted to take a moment to share with both the Hallinan and greater Lake Oswego community our intention to begin a process that will eventually replace our existing playground. While it's a bit unusual to use the Lake Oswego Review as a forum for this, it is clear to the playground committee and myself that a great deal of nostalgia and strong community feelings relate to this playground. Twenty years ago the entire community came together to build a state of the art structure that has served countless children. It was literally a labor of love.

Twenty years later the wooden structure is clearly showing its age: Wood is decaying, bolts and fasteners need replacing and the play structure remains very limited in the number of options it offers students for upper and lower body activities. We continue to pressure wash, sand and seal the structure on a yearly basis, but it is now time to look to the coming years and what our options are.

We have developed initial proposals, which would be phased in over two stages with an established playground design company. Graphics of these stages will be displayed at Hallinan at the end of September for community input. We hope to begin to raise funds for the project at our upcoming auction and perhaps through additional community fundraisers.

At this point in time I am interested in any perspective community members may have to share. I can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. As a committee we value your input and hope to come up with a final plan and sense of direction by the beginning of January.

Thanks in advance for your help in establishing a direction for the playground committee.

Steve Mauritz

Principal-Hallinan Elementary School

Flag etiquette requires

illumination during dark

To the Editor:

I have been a proud citizen of Lake Oswego for 35 years and regard this community as both friendly and patriotic. The American flag in my neighborhood is seen everywhere, especially to celebrate those special days of commemoration to our country.

I am, however, both bewildered and saddened when those very patriotic citizens fail to take the flag down at dusk which by flag etiquette is, in effect, disrespect unless the flag is illuminated until dawn. Also, a tattered flag should be replaced.

Perhaps it is lack of knowledge and not laziness. I hope so.

Chad Metzger

Korean War vet

Lake Oswego

Why not have President debate the leader of Iran?

To the Editor:

I understand the leader of Iran is coming to America and has offered to debate President Bush in public, and President Bush has refused to have a public debate with him. Why?

I for one would like to hear what Iran has to say. We have been accusing Iran of building nuclear weapons for years now and threatening to blow them off the map. I would like to know way before I am sent to kill other human beings on the say-so of one side only.

I see this as a macrocosm of being accused of monstrous behavior (Iran having weapons of mass destruction poised to be used against us) and not being allowed to face your accuser. In actual fact, we are the country with massive weapons of mass destruction and we are the ones selling them (we don't negotiate with terrorists though) and threatening to use them preemptively wherever we see fit in the world.

If Bush's vision for the world is so good, why can't he tell the American people and the world what his global vision is?

Why do we need secrecy and torture laws and detention centers and prisons and rendition as a means to accomplish his goal?

We seem to have a government based in ignorance now: Ignore national law; ignore international law; ignore natural law; ignore God's law; ignore Christ's teaching.

Rose Charlton

Lake Oswego

Measures 41, 48 will cause woes in Oregon

To the Editor:

There are some people outside of Oregon who want to hurt our quality of life and to improve their own.

Through Measure 41 they would reduce state income taxes for some Oregonians by changing the state income tax form and the way the tax is calculated.

The effect of Measure 41 is calculated to reduce funding for schools, public safety, the Oregon Health Plan, senior assistance programs and more. Oregonians will surely lose more than they hope to gain.

These same people are pushing Measure 48 which would impose another spending limit on our state government. (We already have four other state spending limits on our books.) Their new proposal would use a faulty formula that would stifle growth of our universities, our health care system, road maintenance, our justice system, state police and job opportunities.

A similar measure in Colorado, called TABOR, injured the well being of folks so badly that it was suspended by vote of the people.

Who is trying to inflict this damaging legislation on the people of Oregon? The local front men, Sizemore and McIntire, are only the hired foot soldiers. The real money for their campaign comes from out of state: People like Loren Parks, a billionaire from Nevada; Howard Rich, a billionaire from New York, and a group from Chicago called Americans for Limited Government. Strong inspiration comes from Grover Norquist, fronting a D.C. group called Americans for Tax Reform, a kind of trade union for billionaires.

Vote no on Measures 41 and 48.

Henry Germond

Lake Oswego

Make your thoughts known at LG meeting

To the Editor:

I wonder if the people planning the Lake Grove development have checked on the traffic lately when maintenance projects have required that traffic on Boones Ferry Road be reduced to one lane through the Lake Grove area. The resulting jam is disheartening to those of us who think roads were made to move traffic and not accommodate occasional pedestrians. The idea of putting a 10-foot-wide center divider along that stretch of road and reducing car traffic to one lane does not make much sense to me.

I have been driving there for 20 years and rarely see any pedestrians. What I do see is a stretch of road in need of resurfacing and drivers speeding, tailgating and cutting in and out of lanes trying to get one car length ahead at the next traffic light. There is a 20-mph sign at the Lake Grove Elementary School, and speeds of 30, 35 and higher are common. Driver behavior is the cause of the accidents that occur along that stretch of roadway. Better enforcement of traffic laws would help. Slowing traffic to a crawl with a center divider may merely increase frustration and may or may not decrease accidents. It will also cause drivers to find other routes and cost local businesses some of their trade.

I believe there is a meeting planned at the Safeco Building next Monday at 6 p.m. to discuss the Lake Grove plans. If you have an interest, this is the time and place to make your thoughts known.

Robert C. St. John

Lake Oswego

Pay attention to Urban Growth Management Areas

To the Editor:

Committees created by Metro, Clackamas County and Lake Oswego are considering projects for urban renewal and public infrastructure that will affect the following Urban Growth Management Areas (UGMA) and adjoining territories:

n Lake Oswego UGMA (Lake Oswego School District)

n West Linn UGMA

n SW Portland, Multnomah County (Dunthorpe)

n Stafford-Tualatin areas (Hamlet and CPO)

Many attributes of your life and community will be affected by these projects and the substantial sums of money required to move them from vision to reality.

Individuals, elected officials and candidates for various levels of public office need to be aware of these projects. Project locations, beneficiaries and cost estimates (are) required to bring the vision into reality. I hope your perspective will be from the individual, and the neighborhood.

The Yahoo! group sites below will provide you with document downloads in Adobe.pdf file format along with links to various related Web sites. Download access requires a free Yahoo e-mail account. The sites include:


Note '_' character.


Note '_' character.

Share what you find with others.

Formulate questions for officials and candidates.

Get answers to your satisfaction in a timely manner.

Please note these sites are evolving as content is added. Feel free to leave a comment.

Charles 'Skip' Ormsby

Birdshill Area

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